Venezuela TV Online Channels

Venezuela was the 9th country in the world to have television, as in 1952 Televisora Nacional was launched. It was the dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez who ordered and authorized its founding. TVs became very shortly popular in the country and in 1963 25% of the houses had TV sets. It developed further to 4% in 1969 and 85% in 1982. The are 4 main television networks: Venevision, RCTV, Televen and Globovision. Regional and local stations developed fast and some of the are part of national networks like Zuliana de Television. The terrestrial broadcast lost its popularity in front of the continuously growing coverage area of the cable networks and satellite providers and since they provide pretty low prices for the population.
  1. ANTV started broadcasting live on 17 February. It is owned and operated by the Asamblea Nacional de [...]
  2. Canal i went live from Caracas on 5 October 2007 as a successor of Puma TV. It was founded and it is [...]
  3. Globovision aired live for the first time in December 1994 as the first news channel in Venezuela. [...]
  4. Meridiano TV went on air in 1996. It was founded by Dr. Andres De Armas, also owner of the sports [...]
  5. Oasis TV live broadcasts are mainly dedicated to education and information. the schedule consists of [...]
  6. Promar TV went officially live in November 1995, founded by the Mariano&CO company which was [...]
  7. RCTV stands for Radio Caracas Television Internacional and went live on 15 November 1953. It was at [...]
  8. Tam TV started its live broadcast on 2 September 1982. It was the first regional TV network in [...]

  9. TeleSUR began broadcasting live on 24 July 2005. The name stands for La Nueva Televisora del Sur ( [...]
  10. Televen went live on 33 July 1998 form the Horizonte neighborhood of Caracas. Because of its [...]
  11. Televisora de Oriente (TVO) went on air in 1993. The live broadcast is dedicated to the [...]

  12. Vale TV went live on 4 December 1998, founded by the government as an educational channel known as [...]
  13. Venevision went live on 4 May 1953 as Televisa. The name was changed later, in 1961 as its [...]
  14. ViVE was launched live on 11 November 2003, founded by the Venezuelan Government. Its name stands [...]
  15. VTV was launched live on 1 August 1964 as CVTV, the name meaning Cadena Venezolana de Television. It [...]

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