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Television broadcasted live in USA in 1950s. In 1955 half of the US population had TV set at home. The live programming included entertainment shows, talk shows, soap operas. Later, in 1960s the list of programs became more complex, including Western, barn dance and rural-oriented sitcom. In 1980s, were better known the cable and satellite television. In 1990s, channels in USA began to broadcast HD. The same year is marked by the invention of digital video recorders. Most of the US channels features English language programs but there are channels that offers Spanish and French language programming. The public channels airs educational, cultural and public affairs programming. In US there are several religious television stations.
  1. 3 ABN Latino was founded on 2003. The channel is part of 3 ABN which is a nonprofit organization [...]
  2. 3ABN International Channel was launched in 2007. The channel is part of 3ABN, Three Angels [...]
  3. ABC 33/40 is also known as WBMA-LD. It is am ABC affiliate television station for Birmingham and [...]
  4. ABC News began its live broadcast as an independent company in 1943. Its live programming is [...]
  5. ABC News Now started its live broadcast on 16 July 2004. the channel is owned and operated by The [...]
  6. Access Sacramento is a public community TV channel for Sacramento. It is available on channel 17 and [...]
  7. Alabama's 13 is also known as WVTM-TV. It is available on channel 13 in Birmingham, Anniston, [...]
  8. Alhurra TV started its live transmission on 14 February 2004. The channel was established by the US [...]
  9. AlKarma TV is a live Arabic Christian Channel broadcasting from USA. It is targeting the Arab [...]
  10. Almasivion started its live broadcast on 28 December 2002. It was initially known as VidaVision and [...]
  11. Altarek TV went live in 2005. The live broadcast is entirely dedicated to Christians around the [...]
  12. Amazing Facts TV started its live broadcast in 1987. The TV channel is owned and operated by the [...]
  13. America One is owned and operated by the One Media Corp Inc media group, headquartered in Dallas [...]

  14. AMGTV reaches about 10% of the households in the US. The live broadcast is family oriented and [...]
  15. Animal Planet began broadcasting live on 1 October 1996. It was founded by BBC and Discovery [...]
  16. Antenna TV was founded on 30 August 2010 an started its live broadcast on 1 January 2011. The live [...]
  17. Archery TV broadcasts live archery related programs such as World Championships, Olympics and World [...]
  18. ASUtv is the TV channel of the Arizona State University. It was launched live in 2003 and is [...]
  19. Azteca America is a Spanish language television network. It reaches around 89% of the Hispanic [...]
  20. Baby TV live programming is dedicated to children, toddlers and parents. It began broadcasting on 4 [...]
  21. Bloomberg TV went live on 1 January 1994. The TV channel is owned and operated by the New York [...]
  22. BNN is the short name for Business News Network. It is a Canadian English language television [...]

  23. Bounce TV was funded on 4 April 2011 and started its live broadcast on 26 September 2011. It [...]

  24. C-SPAN is a private, non-profit company, created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a [...]

  25. CT-N went live in 1999. The name of the TV channel is the acronym for Connecticut Network. Is it [...]
  26. CBS is one of the major commercial television station in the USA. The original name was Columbia [...]
  27. CBS 42 si also known as WIAT, available on channel 42. It is a CBS affiliate station. It is aimed [...]

  28. Classic Arts Showcase live broadcast started in 1994. The live broadcasts promote the fine arts and [...]
  29. CNN is the short name for Cable News Network. It is a news television station available worldwide [...]

  30. Create is a public television network based in the US. It was founded in 2006. The main live [...]

  31. CW 21 is also knwon as WTTO. It is available on channel 21 in Birmingham, Anniston and Tuscaloosa [...]

  32. Daystar live broadcast started in 1993. It is an Evangelical Christian tv network. The live [...]

  33. Discovery began its live broadcast on !7 June 1985 in the USA. Today it is available worldwide, in [...]
  34. The Disney Channel is owned by Disney ABC Television Group, a division of The Walt Disney Company [...]

  35. ESPN is the short name for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It is a sports [...]

  36. ESPN2 is owned by ESPN. It began broadcasting live on 1 October 1993. As the second channel of ESPN [...]
  37. Fox 11 Los Angeles is also known as KTTV. It is owned and operated by Fox Broadcasting Company. [...]

  38. Fox 59 News is also known as WXIN. It is a Fox affiliated television station from Indianapolis, [...]
  39. Fox Charlotte is also known as WCCB. It is affiliated to FOX. Its transmitter is located in [...]

  40. Fox News is the short name for Fox News Channel, also known as The channel began its live [...]

  41. GBN is the short name for Gospel Broadcasting Network. GBN was founded in 2005. The channel is [...]

  42. Globetrekker TV is an adventure tourism television. The channel offers travel information, adventure [...]
  43. GOlTV programming is dedicated to soccer. The headquarters are located in North Bay Village, [...]

  44. GunAZ TV live transmission started in 2004. The name stands for Guney Az…ôrbaycan Televiziyonu. The [...]
  45. HTV is also known as Hispanic TV. The live broadcast started in 1996. The main live programming [...]

  46. Inmigrante TV was founded in 2010 by Manuel Solis, an immigration attorney. It is the first [...]

  47. JCTV stands for Jesus Christ Television. It started its live broadcast in 2003 and reaches about [...]

  48. KFSM went live on 9 July 1953. It was founded by the Donald Reynolds businessman. KFSM online [...]

  49. Komo TV is affiliated to AVBc. The headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. Komo TV [...]
  50. KSWT was eatablished on 12 July 1962 and aired live for the first time on 2 December 1963. The TV [...]

  51. KVOA went online for the first time on 15 September 1953. It was the second TV channel to serve [...]

  52. KXAN TV is a local television station from Austin, Texas. It is affiliated to NBC. KXAN is [...]

  53. LATV is the only Hispanic television network that still retains the essence of the Hispanic roots [...]

  54. Live Well Network is owned by Disney-ABC Television Group. It was launched in high definition on [...]

  55. My Family TV was formerly known as Faith TV until 1 October 2009. It is joint venture between [...]

  56. NHL Network is also known as NHL. Its main broadcast consists of games of the National Hockey League [...]
  57. Payam-E-Afghan TV went live in 2007. The channel is based in Los Angeles California and is financed [...]
  58. PBJ is operated as joint venture between Classic Media and Luken Communications. PBJ live [...]

  59. Pursuit Channel live broadcast started on 23 April 2008. The programming is dedicated to hunting [...]

  60. Q13 Fox News aired live for the first time on 2 August 1953 as KMO-TV. It is owned and operated [...]

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