UAE TV Online Channels

The UAE has a very well developed network of radio and television stations. For this reason, the Dubai government build a tax free area in Dubai, named Dubai Media City especially dedicated to various media studios and facilities like online media, advertising agencies, film studios, video production and many other. It became the central point for the Media Industry of the Middle East. There are more than 1400 registered companies in Dubai Media City. Public Television broadcasts are managed in the UAE by the state owned company Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), founded in 2003 and managing radio and TV channels. Before it was founding, each of them were managed by a different company. Today it operates public channel like Al Bayan, Dubai One, Dubai Sports and others.
  1. Ajman TV went on air on 1 February 1996, available terrestrial on UHF channel 26. The satellite [...]
  2. Al Aan TV was founded to provide live news and entertainment to the Arab females and young Arab [...]
  3. Al Arabiya went live on 3 March 2003, owned and operated by Middle East Broadcasting Center. The [...]
  4. B4U Movies was launched live in 1999. The broadcasts consists of various Indian movies, series, [...]
  5. Citruss TV began its live transmission in 2005, founded by Nicolas and Michael Bruylants Trochelor. [...]
  6. CNBC Arabiya is the Arabic language version of the well known CNBC channel. The schedule programs [...]
  7. Discovery Channel founded its Middle East version in 1996. It features the same format as the [...]
  8. Disney Channel Middle East started its live broadcast on 2 April 1997. The channel is owned and [...]
  9. Dubai One went live on 14 May 1994 as CH33. It was later, on 24 December 2004, renamed as Dubai One [...]
  10. Dubai Sport Channel transmits live since 1998. The channel is owned and operated by Dubai Media [...]
  11. Infinity TV began its live broadcast in October 2004. The programming consists of entertainment, [...]
  12. MBC 2 started its live transmission on 12 January 2002. It is owned and operated by the MBC Group. [...]
  13. MBC 4 went live on 16 March 2005. It was the first Arabian television station targeting only young [...]
  14. Physique TV live broadcast is dedicated to fitness, bodybuilding, health, extreme sports and [...]
  15. Spacetoon arab version was launched live in 2000. It is owned and operated by Venus Company. The [...]
  16. Ten Sports began its live broadcast on 1 April 2002.It is owned and operated by the Zee Network, who [...]

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