South Africa TV Online Channels

South Africa began to broadcast live television later than other countries, in 1976. In 1971, SABC, the main public television broadcaster was allowed to transmit two TV channels, one of them dedicated to white people, with English and Afrikaans languages and the other one dedicated to black people. Finally only one TV channel was established. Later, in 1981 a new station was introduced. This was featuring programs in African languages. Digital television was introduced in 1995. Most of the population enjoys TV channels through satellite television. People are less interested in cable services. South Africa TV stations transmit programming in all African languages, as well as in German, Hindi and Portuguese languages. The programming consists of local and international news, movies, sports and much more.
  1. 1KZN aired live for the first time on 1 July 2011. Its broadcast is mainly dedicated to the [...]

  2. Africa Magic is owned and operated by M-Net. The channel broadcasts African language programming [...]
  3. Africam is dedicated to African wildlife and wildlife related topics. Live Safari Cams are [...]

  4. ASTV is the short name for Afrikaanse Satelliet Televisie. ASTV live broadcast started in October [...]
  5. Bay TV was launched on 1 October 2011. The terrestrial transmission covers Port Elizabeth and the [...]

  6. Business DAY TV is being owned and operated by BDFM Publishers, through its media division, The [...]

  7. Cape Town TV is largely known as CTV. CTV live broadcast started on September 2008. It is a [...]
  8. E TV was launched live on 1 October 1998 as the first private free to air channel in South Africa [...]
  9. eNCA was launched on air on the 1st of June 2008. The TV channel is owned by e.Sat TV and [...]

  10. GOD TV is an international Christian television that broadcasts the GOD Channel from Jerusalim. GOD [...]
  11. M-Net live broadcast started in 1986. M-Net is the short name for Electronic Media Network. It is a [...]
  12. SABC was founded in 1936 regulated by a government act, replacing the already existing African [...]
  13. SABC 1 began its live broadcast in 1975 as TV1. The channel was launched after almost 8 months of [...]
  14. SABC 2 was initially launched live in 1982 as TV2, focusing on African languages programs. Its name [...]
  15. SABC 3 is operated by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). It was founded in 1996. It [...]
  16. Soweto TV began its live broadcast in 2007. The popularity of the TV channel increased very fast [...]

  17. Spirit Word TV is owned and operated by spirit Word Ministries. 80% or the scheduled programs are [...]

  18. SuperSport channel began its live broadcast in 1998. It is owned and operated by Naspers and is [...]

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