Pakistan TV Online Channels

Television live broadcast was introduced in Pakistan in 1964 as the Pakistan Television Corporation, also known as PTV, was formed. PTV is the national television broadcaster of the country, a state-owned company. The first station established started transmission from Lahore, followed by Bangladesh in 1966 and Peshawar and Quetta in 1974. Color television was introduced in 1976. Digital television satellite services are available since 1999. In 2012 PTV owned seven television stations. In 1964, Pakistan Television Corporation started with 30 employees and today it has more than 6000 persons. PTV became the biggest media organization of Pakistan. It broadcasts a various range of programming, consist of dramas, documentaries, current affairs, entertainment, sports. These programmes are produced in all regional languages.
  1. AAG TV started its live transmission in 2006, founded by Geo Television Network. The word AAG means [...]
  2. AAJ News TV is available live since 23 March 2005. It was founded by the Business Recorder Group, [...]
  3. Arrahman Arraeem TV live broadcasts are aimed to promote an support the valuable spirit of Islam but [...]
  4. ARY Digital went on air in December 2000 as Pakistani Channel, mainly dedicated to the viewers in [...]
  5. ARY News was launched live by the ARY Group on 26 September 2004. The broadcasts are dedicated to [...]
  6. ARY Qtv began its live broadcast in 2003. The schedule programs are focused on educational and [...]
  7. Dunya News was made available live on 1 December 2008. It is owned by Mian Amir Mehmood. The [...]
  8. Express News was launched live on 1 January 2008. The channel became shortly the second most watched [...]
  9. Geo News live broadcasts started in November 2005. It is owned and operated by Jang Group. Geo word [...]
  10. Geo Super was launched like in September 2006 as the smaller sister of Geo News. The channel is [...]
  11. Hadi TV went on air in 2008. The broadcasts is focused on the Shia religious and consists mainly of [...]
  12. Hum TV is available live since 17 January 2005. It was founded by eye Television Network Ltd [...]

  13. Khyber News was launched live in August 2007. The TV channel is privately owned by Kamran Hamid Raja [...]
  14. Madani Channel was officially launched in September 2008. It is owned and operated by Faizan [...]
  15. Masala TV is available live since 22 November 2006. The channel is entirely dedicated to cooking, [...]
  16. PTV were broadcasting for the first time on 26 November 1964. The name is the short version for [...]
  17. PTV Bolan went live on 14 august 2005. The channel is own and run by the Pakistan national [...]
  18. PTV Global went live in April 2006 as the international service of the Pakistan national broadcaster [...]
  19. PTV National broadcasts live programs and regional languages. Its main objective is to create a [...]
  20. PTV News was founded by the Pakistan national broadcaster PTV. The broadcasts are in both English [...]
  21. The Royal News Channel broadcasts are exclusively dedicated to news, current affairs and [...]
  22. Samaa TV became a successful channel due to its unbiased reporting. Itwas the first channel in [...]
  23. Sindh TV was founded by Abdul Kareem Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja with live broadcasts dedicated to [...]
  24. TVOne Global is owned and operated by the private company Air Waves Media Ltd, a subdivision of the [...]
  25. Waqt News was launched live in 2008. the channel is owned and operated by the Nawaiwaqt Newspapers [...]

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