Norway TV Online Channels

In Norway television is broadcasting live since 1954. The first television channel was NRK and it was established in 1954. It started to broadcast regular programming only in 1960. The second TV station was launched in 1992 and it was known as TV2. In 1996 a new channel, NRK 2 began to broadcast live programming. In 1986 satellite television was introduced. In 2007 two new channels were launched, NRK3 and NRK Super. NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, is the public broadcasting television from the country. It is owned and controlled by government. When high definition television was introduced in Norway, the first HD series was An Immortal Man. In 2009 it was launched a new community TV station, Frikanalen. Today, TV channels are available via satellite and terrestrial television as well as through cable services.
  1. NRK1 started its live test broadcast on 12 January 1954. IT is the oldest TV channel in Norway and [...]
  2. NRK 2 is owned and operated by NRK. It began its live broadcast on 2 September 1996. NRK 2 live [...]

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