Lithuania TV Online Channels

Television in Lithuania was introduced in 1957 as the Lithuanian National Radio and Television or LRT was created. It began to provide regular radio services since 1926. The first channel was established in 1957 and it was known as Lithuanian TV or simply LTV. It broadcast news, current affairs, educational and cultural programs, general entertainment shows. In 1993 Lithuanian National Radio and Television became member of the European Broadcasting Union. The second channel launched, LTV 2 has the mission to transmit cultural, educational and information programs. It also offers support for people with disabilities by transmitting programs translated into sign language. The third channel, known as LTV World, was created in 2007. The channel offers a wide range of programming, based on original programs transmitted by the first two channels. Today, LRT is the public broadcaster in the country. It operates two national stations and three radio stations. The corporation is mainly financed by the government but it does sell advertising.
  1. ATV was launched live in 1994 as a regional channel for the Aukstaitijos area. Its live terrestrial [...]
  2. BTV was launched live in 1994. Its name stands for Baltijos TV. The channel is owned and operated by [...]
  3. Lietuvos TV went live on 12 October 2008. The programs are exclusively in the Lithuanian language. [...]
  4. LNK began live broadcasting on 5 March 1995. the channel is owned and operated by MG Baltic Media. [...]
  5. LTV went live in 1957 owned and operated by the Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT. The channel was [...]
  6. LTV2 was launched live as the second channel of LRT on 16 February 2003. It terrestrial free to air [...]
  7. STV (Siauliai Television) started its live broadcast on 29 July 1991. It became available on cable [...]
  8. TV1 went live on 29 April 2003. It is owned and operated by UAB, who also runs the LNK channel. The [...]

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