Latvia TV Online Channels

Television is officially present in Latvia since 16 November 954, although a lot of test transmission were done since 1937. The national public broadcaster of Latvia, Latvijas Televīzija launched the second channel in 1966. Color transmission was introduced in 1974, first in the SECAM system, switching to PAL only in 1998. Beside the public national channels LTV1, LTV7 and LTV3, the are many privately owned channels managed by well established international media companies like Modern Times Group or Fox Broadcasting Company. most of them are available on cable networks and via satellite.
  1. LNT went on air in 1996 resulted from the merge of NTV-5 and Picca TV. The name stands for Latvijas [...]
  2. LTV1 started its live broadcast on 6 November 1954. It is owned and operated by Latvijas Televīzija [...]
  3. TV XXI features a wide range of movies and blockbusters. You can watch Italian, Russian, French, [...]
  4. TV3 started its live broadcast on 11 April 1993, although its was established on 7 May 1992. It is [...]

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