Japan TV Online Channels

Television in Japan was introduced in 1939. Japan was one of the first countries in the world which started experiments in this area. After several experiments, regular broadcast was introduced in 1951. The public broadcaster, known as the Japan Broadcasting Corporation or NHK introduced radio services in 1925 and television services in 1953. Today, NHK operates two national terrestrial stations, two satellite services, three national radio services. Digital satellite television was introduced in 2000. Three years later, digital terrestrial broadcast was established. Nowadays, national and international channels as well as regional and local stations, all of these are available via satellite, digital terrestrial television and cable services. Even if the programming differs from channel to channel, usually the programming includes news, dramas, morning shows, series, shows for children, series, general entertainment shows.
  1. Bloomberg is available all over the world. Its live broadcast covers financial and business news. It [...]
  2. FNN is the short name for Fuji News Network, TV channel launched live on 1 August 1966. The [...]
  3. JSTV is the short name for Japanese Satellite Television. It was launched live in March 1990. JSTV [...]
  4. NHK General TV was launched live on 1 February 1953. It is owned and operated by the Japan public [...]
  5. NHK world is owned by the public Japanese broadcaster NHK. Its live broadcast is oriented to the [...]
  6. NTV News 24 is the short name for Nippon TV News. The TV channel went live in 1952, founded by NTV ( [...]
  7. TV Asahi is alxso known as EX and Tele-Asa. It is a Japanese television channel with the headquarter [...]

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