Italy TV Online Channels

In Italy the first experimental broadcast began in 1934 in Turin with EIAR. But, television started to transmit live in 1939. It was suspended because of the second World War in 1940. It was reintroduced again in 1954. The main public broadcaster is Radiotelevisione Italiana, RAI. It is followed by Mediaset. RAI is controlled by the government. In 1960 it was the only channel allowed to broadcast live. Digital satellite television was introduced in 1997. Since 2006, the Italian stations transmit HD programs. Some channels are available via digital terrestrial television.
  1. 50 Canale went live for the first time in 1984. The broadcasts are dedicated to the northwest region [...]
  2. 7 Gold began broadcasting live on 1 January 2000. It was founded by Giorgio Tacchino, Luigi Ferretti [...]
  3. ACM Channel live broadcasts are entirely dedicated to production technologies, building materials [...]
  4. AGR TV was founded by the AGR Association. Its live broadcasts are dedicated to the Roman Coast. Its [...]
  5. Antenna Sicilia is available live since 16 June 1979 broadcasting for the southern part of Italy. It [...]
  6. Antenna Sud went live on the 16th of October 1980. Its broadcasts are dedicated to the southern part [...]
  7. Calabria TV went live in December 2006 as a successor of Tele Luna. It was founded by Group Adn [...]
  8. Canale 7 went live in 1988, founded by Tanzariello Gianni and Biagio dellAnna. The broadcast was [...]
  9. Canale Italia went live in 1976 as Serenissima TV. It was founded as a regional station for northern [...]
  10. Cartoon Network launched its Italian version on 31 July 1996. The channel is owned and operated by [...]
  11. CBL Channel went live in July 2007. It is owned and operated by the cultural association CBL Movie [...]
  12. Cielo TV went live on the 16th of December 2009. The channel is owned by News Corporation, also [...]
  13. Class CNBC went live in January 2000 as CFN CNBC. The channel is owned and operated by CNBC Class [...]
  14. Cult TV went live on 1 Jabnuary 2006. The channel was founded by Cult Network Italy but was acquired [...]
  15. Danza TV is available live since 2008. It was initially founded as website with videos dedicated to [...]
  16. ESPN Classic launches its Italian version live in July 2002. It was the first channel in Italy [...]
  17. Fox started its live broadcast in Italy on 31 July 2003. The channel is owned and operated by Fox [...]
  18. GRP Televisione started broadcasting live in 1979 as GRP - No Stop. It was one of the first local [...]
  19. Il Denaro TV is owned and operated by the Il Denaro daily economic newspaper from South Italy, [...]
  20. IRIS TV was launched live on 30 November 2007. The TV channel is owned and managed by Gruppo [...]
  21. La7 went live on 24 June 2001 as Telecom Italia acquired Telemontecarlo. The channel went initially [...]
  22. La Notizia TV is owned and operated by the La Notizia newspaper. It was founded in 2007 by Nello La [...]
  23. Match Music is also widely known as MM TV. The programs produced by the channel were initially [...]
  24. Music Box Italia was launched live as a free channel on the Hotbird satellite and digital [...]
  25. Napoli Canale 21 went on air in 1976, founded by Andrea Torino. It was initially available [...]
  26. Onda TV live broadcast is dedicated to part of the region of Sicialia and to the entire province of [...]
  27. Primantenna live broadcast is dedicated to the city of Turin and the surroundings. The channel was [...]
  28. Primocanale is owned by PTV Television. It is a regional television channel. The headquarter is [...]
  29. Primocanale Sport is available live since 15 April 2009 as a successor of Primocanale Telecitta. The [...]
  30. Rai 1 is the oldest channel of the Italian national public broadcaster and went live on 3 January [...]
  31. Rai 3 is the third channel of the national public broadcaster of Italia RAI. Its live broadcast [...]
  32. Rai News went live on 26 April 1999 as RaiNews 24. It was founded as a joint venture between the [...]
  33. Rai Scuola went on air on 19 October 2009 as Rai Edu 1. The chasnnel is owned and managed by the [...]
  34. Rai Sport 1 began its live broadcast on 1 February 1999 as Rai Sport Satellite since it was only [...]
  35. Reggio TV is available live on 15 May 1998. The channel is owned by Alfa Gi Produzioni Editoriali [...]
  36. Rete7 started its live transmission in 1977 as Tele Round 2. The name was changed into 80 Tele Malta [...]
  37. Rete8 live digital terrestrial broadcast is covering the area of Abruzzo, Molise and the Adriatic [...]
  38. RomaUno went live in December 2003, entirely dedicated to Rome, the capital of Italy. The broadcast [...]
  39. RTTR live transmission is dedicated to the Trentino-Alto Adige area. The channel was founded in 1980 [...]
  40. 8Sky Meteo went live on 1 August 2004 available on the Sky Italia platform. The channel is owned and [...]
  41. Sky Sport 1 went on air on 12 September 2010. Its live broadcast is exclusively dedicated to soccer [...]
  42. SportItalia 1 went live on 6 February 2004, owned and operated by Interactive Group SpA. Since its [...]
  43. Studio Universal started broadcasting live on 21 May 1998 in Italy. The TV channel was launched [...]
  44. Super 3 went live in 1977 as Tele Roma Europe. The broadcast are dedicated to the region of Rome. [...]
  45. Tele Liguria Sud went on air in 1977, dedicated to the provinces of Massa Carrara and La Spezia. The [...]
  46. Tele Romagna went on air in 1974 being one of the first stations in the country. Its broadcast is [...]
  47. Telebari went on air on the 19th of April 1973 as the first local television channel in Italy. The [...]
  48. Telecapri Sport is available live since 1997. The channel is owned and operated by Television [...]
  49. Telelombardia was established in 1974. The channel is being owned and operated by Gruppo Mediapason [...]
  50. Telemilano went live in 1978 as Telemilanocavo on channel UHF 58. the name was changed into the [...]
  51. TeleObiettivo went live on 8 May 1978. The channel improved its image by joining the Port TV [...]
  52. TeleRadioErre went on air in 1997 being one of oldest stations in the Foggia province. The channel [...]
  53. Telerama live broadcast is dedicated to the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce. The channel is [...]
  54. Telereggio Calabria live broadcast started in 1975. The programming is entirely dedicated to the [...]
  55. Teleroma 56 started its live broadcast in 1978 as Teleromacavo. It was only available on cable, [...]
  56. Teletutto went live for the first time in 1977 as Teletutto Brescia Seven. It is the most watched [...]
  57. Teleuniverso went live in December 1978 founded by Mario Magnapera. The station is also known as La [...]
  58. TGcom24 was launched live on the 28th of November 2011. It was initially founded by Mediaset as a [...]
  59. TirrenoSat started its live transmission on 3 November 1977 being one of the oldest local television [...]
  60. Toscana Tv went live for the first time in November 1976 from Siena. It shortly increased its [...]

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