Israel TV Online Channels

Television broadcast in Israel was introduced in 1966 as the first state owned channel was established. Live broadcast started with the transmission of the Israeli Educational Television. For many years, this was the only TV station in the country. Later, in 1986 a second state-owned channel was launched. Color television was introduced in 1980. After that several test were made in order to improve the quality of color broadcasting. But the government did not agreed with the color transmissions and it asked IBA and IETV to turn back to white and black broadcast. IBA was allowed to air two color transmissions, the visit of the Egyptian president and in 1977 and the annual Eurovision Song Contest in 1979. Today, TV stations are available via satellite, digital terrestrial television and cable services. These stations offer a various range of programming, both in Hebrew and English languages. In 2002, a new commercial channel was launched, it was known as Israel Plus and it offered Russian language programs. All commercial stations are required to transmit at least a little part of their usual programming in Arabic and Russian languages.
  1. channel 1, The First Channel, was launched live as the second television in Israel. It went on air [...]
  2. Channel 2 was launched on air on 4 November 1993. The headquarter is located in Neve Ilan in the [...]
  3. Hop TV live broadcasts are entirely dedicated to preschoolers aimed for a better education [...]

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