Ireland TV Online Channels

Television broadcaster was introduced in Ireland in 1953 as BBC was launched. The next TV station was established in 1959, Ulster TV abbreviated as UTV. The public broadcaster RTE Television was founded in 1961. In 1978 it launched a new channel, RTE Two. Cable television services were introduced in 1960. At the begging only few cities had access to these services. Satellite television was introduced in 1980. The biggest satellite television service is Sky Ireland. Digital terrestrial television was introduced in 2011. Sky TV is one of the major TV stations that broadcast digital terrestrial satellite television services. People must pay a fee to obtain a television license which allows them to have access to all TV stations. This system is working in this country since 1962.
  1. RTE Two [...]
  2. Sky Sports live programming is dedicated exclusively to sports. The television station is operated [...]

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