Indonesia TV Online Channels

Television in Indonesia was introduced in 1962 as the first channel was launched. It was known as TVRI and it was a state owned station. It held the monopoly until 1989. By this year the first commercial channel was launched, RCTI. Advertisement was introduced in 1963 by TVRI. Color television was introduced a few years later, in 1979. In 1989 the second channel was established and it was known as RCTI. In 1991 TPI began to transmit educational programs. Satellite television was introduced in 1988. Cable service is available since 1995. The first cable provider was PT Broadband Multimedia. Today, TV channels are available via cable service, terrestrial and satellite television, IPTV. All national, commercial and local stations available in this country offer a various range of programming including news, dramas, comedies, series and much more.
  1. AnTV went live on 1 March 1993 as a local TV for the Lampung area. The channel is owned and [...]

  2. Bali TV went live on 26 May 2002. The broadcast are dedicated to the Island of Bali. Its terrestrial [...]
  3. Bible TV live transmission is entirely dedicated to Christian programs. It is aimed to support [...]

  4. Global TV started its online broadcast on 8 October 2002 as MTV. The TV channel is owned and [...]
  5. HLN is the formerly CNN Headline News and CNN 2. Is is a cable new te3levision station based in the [...]
  6. Indosiar went live on 11 January 1995. It is owned and run by PT Indosiar Karya Media Tbk, a [...]
  7. ITV is widely known as Indonesia TV being available via satellite signal in the Asia Pacific region [...]
  8. Jak TV went live on 16 March 2005 from Jakarta. The broadcasts consists of news, information, [...]
  9. TV Borobudur live signal is available since 12 May 2003. It is widely known as TVB and the [...]
  10. MAX Cinemax is available live since August 1996. It is owned and run by the Time Warner company as a [...]
  11. Metro TV live signal started on 25 November 2000, although its broadcast licence was approved and [...]
  12. O Channel began its live test transmission on 9 August 2004. It is privately owned and broadcasting [...]
  13. Pacific TV live transmission is available since 10 December 2003. The broadcasts are dedicated to [...]
  14. RBTV live broadcasts are dedicated to the City of Jogjakarta and the surroundings. The channel is [...]
  15. RCTI started its test broadcast on 13 November 1988. It was the first privately owned TV channel in [...]
  16. SCTV is the short name for Surya Citra Televisi. The headquarter is located in South Jakarta and the [...]
  17. Tarakan TV is available live since 1 august 2003. The broadcasts are mainly dedicated to the people [...]
  18. Trans 7 Went live on 15 December 2001 as TV7. It was founded by the Kompas Garamedia Group. On 16 [...]
  19. Trans TV was established on 15 December 2001. The full name of the TV channel is Televisi [...]

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