Hungary TV Online Channels

Television in Hungary started to broadcast live for the first time in 1957 but experiments in this area began earlier in 1954. The first channel established was Magyar Televizio or MTV. It started regular broadcast in 1957, two days a week. In 1960 it began to transmit five days a week. Color television was introduced in 1969. In 1972 a second channel, MTV 2 started regular broadcast, four days a week. In 1989, TV channels started to air programming seven days a week. In 1992 Duna TV was launched as a non-state channel. In 1997 two nationwide commercial channels were established, RTL Klub and TV2. In 1995, according to a new media law, MTV and Duna TV became public television stations. Today, there are available several international channels, such as Viasat History or Discovery Channel. These offers international productions dubbed into Hungarian.
  1. ATV began its live broadcast as Agro TV on 2 January 1990 as the first privately owned television [...]
  2. CTV went live for the first time on 16 November 1990 from the Cegl├ęd, a 40 thousand inhabitants [...]
  3. Duna is the Magyar name for Danube. Duna TV is one of the 2 public television stations in Hungary. [...]
  4. M1 TV is the most popular television channel in Hungary. Its live broadcasts reach 97% of the [...]
  5. Sport 1 live programming is dedicated exclusively to sport events and sport related programs. It is [...]
  6. Sport Klub began its live broadcast in 20056. Currently it is available in Romania, Hungary, Croatia [...]

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