Hong Kong TV Online Channels

Television in Hong Kong was introduced in 1957 as the first TV station was launched. It was known as Rediffusion Television or simply RTV. It started as a radio station in 1949. Later it was renamed Asia Television or ATV. Today, it operates several channels. These offer a various range of programming consist of news, dramas, entertainment shows. In 1967 Television Broadcasts or TVB was established. It became the second commercial TV channel in Hong Kong. It was the first channel that started free-to-air broadcast. In 2004, digital terrestrial service was launched by TVB. It mainly transmits news and current affairs. Color television was introduced in 1970. Today, ATV and TVB are the major public broadcasters in Hong Kong.
  1. TVB Pearl was launched on 19 November 1967. It is owned and operated by Television Broadcasts [...]

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