Honduras TV Online Channels

The first channel to broadcast in Honduras was Channel 5, starting its live transmission in 1959 in black and white. The terrestrial signal covers around 70% of the territory of the country. Color television was introduced later, in 1973. Cable television was introduced in 1980 followed later by satellite operators like SKY or DirecTV. The systems became very popular due to the lack of high quality programs provided by the domestic channels. and the need to enjoy foreign channels. Some of the channels switched lately to digital transmission and a few of them are also available in HD and as live stream on the internet.
  1. Campus TV started its live broadcast in 2008 being the first channel in the country to broadcast in [...]
  2. Canal 6 went live on 17 April 1982 from San Pedro Sula in the Cortes Department even if the license [...]
  3. Cholusat Sur started broadcasting live in the autumn of 2009, on 30 September. The live broadcast [...]

  4. JBN TV started its live broadcast in 2000 from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. The name is the [...]
  5. Maya TV is owned and operated by the Maya Media Group. The TV channels schedule grid [...]

  6. TeleProgeso went live in March 2004 dedicated to the inhabitants of the El Progreso city from the [...]
  7. Telered 21 started its live transmission in June 1987 covering both Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. [...]

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