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In Greece, television broadcasted live for the first time in 1966. EPT was the first TV channel from the country and it was owned by state. In 1968 the second from Greece was established, YENED. This one was controlled by military. Since 1967 until 1974 the two channels were available two the population seven hours every day. Their programming included some American shows dedicated to children. In 1982, the two television stations merged. As a result of the merger, the channels were renamed, and ERT became ERT1 and YENED became ERT2. The first private television channel was launched in 1989, Mega TV. In 1990 there were established new TV channels, with diversified programming including news, music, politics, current affairs, foreign movies. In 1993, a new major television channel, was launched, Skai TV. In the same year Kanali 29 was renamed Star Channel and it began to feature American programming, movies and shows. IPTV television services are available since 2006. Today, Mega TV is considered the major television channel from the country.
  1. 4E TV studios are located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The television Station is run by the Orthodox [...]
  2. 902 is a general television station from Greece. It is owned by KKE, the Communist Party of Greece. [...]
  3. Achaia News is a regional news channel for the Achaea region. It is located in the northwestern part [...]
  4. Acheloos TV live broadcast is dedicated to the Aetolia-Acarnania region in the western part of the [...]
  5. Alpha TV went live in 1993 as Skai TV, mainly broadcasting news ans sports. The channel was sold in [...]
  6. Alter went live in 1994 as Channel 5, founded by Eleftheri Tileorasi SA. It was renamed later into [...]
  7. ANT1 Prime started its live broadcast in September 2002 as ANT1 Gold in Greece and on 6 September [...]
  8. Antenna Greece is better known as ANT1. The television channel is airing as well in Greece as in [...]

  9. Astra TV is operated by Astra Radiotelevision Enterprises SA. Its programming consists of various [...]
  10. Blue Sky TV started its live broadcast in November 1990. The broadcast is mainly dedicated to the [...]
  11. Channel 9 began its live broadcast as Tile Tora. It was renamed into Polis TV in 2000 and into TV [...]
  12. Corfu TV live broadcast is entirely dedicated to the inhabitants of the Corfu Island in the Ionian [...]
  13. Crete TV live broadcast is dedicated to the largest and most populated island in Greece. The Island [...]
  14. Delta TV live broadcast started in August 1991. The transmissions are dedicated to the region of [...]
  15. ERT World started on air in 1996 as ERT SAT, being owned and operated by the Hellenic Broadcasting [...]
  16. ET1 started its live broadcast on 23 February 1966 being owned and operated by the Helenic [...]
  17. ET3 live broadcast started on 14 December 1988. It is owned by the ERT network. Its studios are [...]
  18. Extra 3 started its live broadcast on 2000 as Extra Channel. The schedule is aimed to inform and [...]
  19. FX Greece went on air on 31 December 2009, owned and run by Fox International Channels. The schedule [...]
  20. Gra TV went on air in 2008, owned and operated by the Greek magazine Greek Architects. It was the [...]
  21. Kanali Voulis is the television channel of the Greek Parliament. It broadcasts live meetings, [...]
  22. Kissamos TV started its live broadcast in 1990 operated by amateurs. It developed over time and [...]
  23. Kontra Channel began its live broadcast on 13 September 2010. It became very popular in a short time [...]
  24. Lepanto RTV began its live transmission in 1989 as a radio station. It extended to also include [...]
  25. Mad TV went live on 6 June 1996, founded by Andreas Kouris as the first music channel in Greece. The [...]
  26. Makedonia TV went live in 1991. It is a private channel from Thessaloniki broadcasting for the [...]

  27. Mega TV was launched live on 20 November 1989 as the first private station in the country. It is [...]

  28. Nova Cinema was launched live in Greece 1994 as Flimnet. The channel is owned and operated by [...]
  29. Nova Sports went live in 1994 as Supersport, being founded by Fouthnet Group, owner of the Nova [...]
  30. Omega TV broadcasts live since September 1990. It is a local television channel form the Rhodes [...]
  31. Samiaki TV live broadcast is dedicated to the inhabitants of the Samos Island, located on the [...]
  32. SBC is the only financial television station available for free. The broadcasts feature daily [...]
  33. Skai TV began its live broadcast in 1993, founded by the Ski Group. The channel was sold in 1999 and [...]
  34. Star TV initiated its live transmission on 4 December 1993 and was founded by Nea Tileorasi AE. [...]

  35. TV 100 is a local channel for the city of Thessaloniki. The programming grid is entirely dedicated [...]
  36. West Channel went live in April 1991. The terrestrial broadcast covers whole Western Macedonia. The [...]

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