Estonia TV Online Channels

Television in Estonia began to broadcast live for the first time in 1955. The first channel launched was a national one and it was known as Channel ETV. Digital television was introduced in 2006. Today, there are two state owned channels, ETV and ETV2. These offer a various range of programming consist of news, culture, sports, current affairs, education, since, lifestyle, general entertainment shows. In 1993, ETV became member of the European Broadcasting Union. In 2007, Estonian Radio and Estonian Television merged and the Estonian Public Broadcaster was created. ETV is the biggest public TV station in Estonia. ETV 2, the second channel of Estonian Public Broadcaster was established in 2008. Nowadays, several commercial and regional stations with diversified programming are available in the country.
  1. Alo TV went live on 27 December 1992. The broadcast is mainly dedicated to music videos and related [...]
  2. ETV is owned and operated by Eesti Television, the Estonian public broadcaster. ETV began [...]
  3. ETV 2 went live on 8 August 2008 as the second national public channel of Estonia. It is owned and [...]
  4. Kanal 11 went live in March 2008 being owned and operated by the Norwegian media group Schibsted, [...]
  5. Kanal 2 began its live broadcaston 1 October 1993. It is a private television station in Estonia. [...]
  6. Life TV began broadcasting live on 7 June 1995. It is the first christian television station in the [...]
  7. Setse was launched live on 7 July 2007. It is owned and operated by OU Buenos Medios. The broadcast [...]
  8. Tallinna TV was launched on air on 1 January 2011. The channel is managed by a Foundation owned by [...]
  9. TV3 started its live transmission on 1 January 1996 as a result of EVTV and RTV merger. the channel [...]
  10. TV6 went live on 24 March 2008, as the small brother of TV3. The channel is also managed by the [...]

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