El Salvador TV Online Channels

Television in El Salvador was introduced in 1958 as the first TV channel, YSU TV 4 was launched. But preliminary tests in this area started in 1956. In 1964 Channel 4 began to broadcast soap operas, produced in Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela. Following a national educational reform the government established a two TV stations in 1969, Channel 8 and 10. The channels offered special educational programming for all students. In 1990 a private channel was established, Channel 21. Later, two new channels were launched, Channels 15 and 19. Today there is a state owned station, Channel 10. It is controlled and administrated by the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y el Arte. There are available few religious channels, Channels 8, 25, 57. These are run and administrated by Catholic and Christian Evangelical organizations. There are also regional and local television stations available via cable services.
  1. Agape TV live terrestrial broadcast covers almost 95% of the country. It is owned and operated by [...]
  2. Canal 12 started its live transmission on 15 December 1984. It was founded by Felix Castillo Mayorga [...]
  3. Canal 27 went live on 14 December 2008, although the frequency was granted in December 2005. It is [...]
  4. Canal 33 began its live broadcast on 23 May 1995. It was founded by the Deleon Family and was [...]
  5. El Camino TV is owned and operated by the Iglesia del Camino church. The live broadcast is available [...]
  6. TVO Canal 23 was founded as a local television channel for the city of San Miguel. the name stands [...]

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