Egypt TV Online Channels

Television in Egypt was introduced in 1960. Egypt was the first country in Africa which began to broadcast live television. The channel began to air five hours a day. Later, it changed its program and it began to broadcast thirteen hours a day, seven days a week. In 1961 it was launched a second TV station. The third channel was launched in the next years. The programming was carefully chosen to meet people’s needs and points of interests at that time. The first private station was established in 2001. It is known as Dream TV and it is owned by Ahmed Baghat. In 2002 the second private channel was launched and it was known as el-Mehwer TV. The national public broadcaster is known as the Egyptian Radio and Television Union.
  1. Aghapy TV went on air for the first time in 2005, founded by the Coptic Orthodox Church of [...]
  2. Al Baghdadia went on air on 12 September 2005. The broadcasts are in the Arabic language and the [...]
  3. Al Hayat began its live broadcast in September 2003. As a Christian channel, the programs are aimed [...]
  4. Al Rahma TV is entirely dedicated to religious and spiritual programs. The main purpose is to spread [...]
  5. Al Nas TV live broadcasts are aimed to promote and spread the cultural awareness, to help through [...]
  6. CBC went live on 2 July 2011. The name stands for Capital Broadcasting Center. Although the [...]

  7. Coptic TV (CTV) went live in 2007, as the Official Orthodox channel. It was founded by Tharwat [...]
  8. Mehwar TV is owned and operated by Sama Group International Co. Its live broadcast is [...]

  9. Nile TV International went on air on 31 October 1994, owned by the Egypt national broadcaster ERTU ( [...]
  10. ONtv was founded and began its live transmission in 2009. The founder was Naguib Sawiris and it is [...]

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