Dominican Republic TV Online Channels

Television in the Dominican Republic has its root on 1 August 1952, as the national broadcaster launched the first channel named La Voz Dominicana. It was the third channel in Latin America. The company is government owned and was renamed as RTVD (Radio Television Dominicana) in 1970 and again, on 29 July 2003 as CERTV (Corporacion Estatal de Radio y Television). The initial broadcasts were for 6 hours in the first years. CERTV is also responsible for the management of all public telecommunications in the country and of the live signals in terrestrial transmissions in VHF and UHF but also on the cable networks available in the Dominican Republic. As the company owns its own operated channel, it broadcasts programs covering all major themes focusing on information, culture, education and general entertainment.
  1. Antena Latina began broadcasting live on 16 October 1999, as a successor of Rahintel (Radio [...]
  2. CERTV went on air for the first time on 1 August 1952 as La Voz Dominicana. It is owned by the [...]
  3. Color Vision started its official live signal on 30 November 1969. The headquarters were initially [...]
  4. Digital 15 (Digital Quince) began its live transmission on 15 July 1998. It is owned by Juan Ramon [...]
  5. Domincan York TV live broadcasts are entirely dedicated to Dominican people abroad, especially to [...]
  6. Microvision started its live transmission on 20 November 1999. It was founded with the assistance [...]
  7. Tele Antillas went on air in October 1979. It is available via terrestrial broadcast nationwide on [...]
  8. Telemicro began its live broadcasts in 1995 as a successor of Canal 6 which was founded in 1986. The [...]
  9. TRA 45 went live for the first time on 1 December 1996, airing from El Conde Street, Santo Domingo [...]

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