Czech Republic TV Online Channels

Television in this country began to broadcast for the first time in 1953 as Czechoslovak Television was established. Officially it was known as Ceskoslovenska Televize or CST. Czechoslovakia was a European state which existed from 1918 until 1992. In 1993, the state split into two independent states, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Regular broadcasting began in 1959. Color television was introduced in 1970. By the same year CST launched the second television station followed by a third one established in 1980. Television broadcast was totally controlled by the government. In 1993, when Czech Republic was formed the old CST was gone and a new public broadcaster was established, Ceska Televize or CT.
  1. CSfilm began its live broadcast in April 2005 under the name CS movie. The schedule is dedicated to [...]
  2. CT1 is operated by Ceska Televize. It is a national television channel. Its programming is family [...]
  3. CT2 went live on 10 May 1970. It is owned and operated by Ceska Televize. CT2 switched from black [...]
  4. CT24 is operated by Ceska Televize. It is a news and information television station. CT24 began [...]

  5. CT4 is the former CT4 Sport. It is a Czech sport television channel. CT4 is operated by the Ceska [...]
  6. Film+ live broadcast is dedicated to various film genres like action, comedies, family movies, [...]
  7. Nova Cinema started broadcasting live in 2007. It is a free digital channel owned and operated by [...]
  8. Nova Sport began its live broadcast in March 2002 under the name Galaxie Sport. It was renamed into [...]
  9. OCKO TV was the first music channel in the Czech Republic and began its live broadcast in 2002. The [...]
  10. OIK TV live broadcast consists of news and informational programs. The channel focuses on national, [...]
  11. Polar TV is owned and operated by Polar Televize Ostrava sro. The broadcasts consists of information [...]
  12. Prima Cool broadcasts live since 1 April 2009. It is the new sister of Prima TV, owned and operated [...]
  13. Prima Family went live in 1993 as FTV Primeira covering Prague and Central Bohemia. The name was [...]
  14. Spektrum live broadcasts are entirely dedicated to information, culture and education and consists [...]
  15. TV Noe live signail is available since 2006. The broadcasts features various Christian programming [...]
  16. Zzip TV was founded in September 2003 as a video production company for state-owned and private [...]

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