Cyprus TV Online Channels

Television in Cyprus broadcasted live for the first time in 1956. The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, abbreviated CyBC is the public broadcasting corporation of the country. At the begging it broadcasted three hours a day five days a week. It operates three TV channels, RIK1, RIK2 and RIK Sat. RIK1 broadcasts a various range of programming including news, current affairs, politics, economics, movies and documentaries. RIK2 offers entertainment programming, movies, series, music and special shows for children. It offers programs in Greek, Turkish and English languages. RIK Sat is the international TV channel, it is available in Europe. The first private television station was launched in 1992.
  1. Ada TV live transmission began on 20 July 2008. The channel is owned and operated by Star Media [...]
  2. ANT1 was began its live free to air boradcast in 1993. One of the shareholders is ANT1 Greece. [...]

  3. CNC Plus TV started its live broadcast on 28 July 2006. Most of the broadcasting programs were [...]
  4. CyBC 1 (RIK 1) went live on 1 October 1957. The channel is owned and operated by the public [...]
  5. CyBC 2 (RIK 2) began its live broadcast in 1992. The channel is owned and operated by the Cyprus [...]
  6. Kibris TV live broadcasts are mostly dedicated to the young population. The schedule consists of [...]
  7. Lumiere TV was launched live in 1993. The channel is widely known as LTV. Its terrestrial [...]
  8. METV started the live broadcast on 10 April 1982 as Hope TV was donated to the Christian [...]
  9. RIK Sat is the public broadcaster of Cyprus CyBC and broadcasts live programming to the Europe and [...]
  10. Sigma began broadcasting live on 3 April 1995. Sigma is a private television network. It is rated [...]

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