Croatia TV Online Channels

The first television system was experimented in 1939. Television in Croatia began its regular broadcast in 1956 as Television Zagreb was established. By the same year, a few months later, Austrian and Italian stations were available in this country. In 1972, Television Zagreb launched a second channel. Color television was introduced later in 1975. In 1988 Television Zagreb established a third channel. The first private channel, Nova TV, was created in 2000. It was followed by the second private TV station, RTL Televizijia that was launched in 2004. The last years are marked by a significant growth of IPTV service subscribers. Cable television services are frequently used. Croatian Radiotelevision is the public broadcaster of the country. It became member of the European Broadcasting Union in 1993. It operates several radio and television stations.
  1. CMC live broadcast started in June 2005. The name stands for Croatian Music Channel. The channel is [...]
  2. Doma TV began its live broadcasting on 2 January 2011. Its programming consists of American [...]
  3. HRT TV is owned by the Croatian Radiotelevision (Hrvatska Rediotelevizija HRT known as [...]
  4. Kapital Network went on air on 31 May 2006. It was the first commercial station in Croatia. The [...]
  5. Nezavisna Televizija started its live broadcast on 30 June 1996 on channel 38 UHF. The transmission [...]
  6. Nova TV was the first Croatian commercial television network. It began broadcasting live in November [...]
  7. RTL live broadcast started on 2 Januarey 2011 with an initial transmission of 18 hours. RTL [...]
  8. Sportklub programming is dedicated exclusively to sports. The channel began its live broadcast in [...]
  9. STV went live on 07 October 1992 as the third local television station in Croatia. The name stands [...]
  10. Vincovacka Televizija started its live transmission in February 1994. It is widely known as VTV and [...]
  11. Z1 TV began its live broadcast on 30 July 2004. It was also formerly known as Zagreb Television and [...]

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