China TV Online Channels

In 1955 the Chinese Central Broadcasting Bureau decided to launch the first television channel from the country, in Beijing. In 1956 they started several experiments in this area. In 1958it was launched the first television channel, Beijing TV Station. At the begging, it broadcasted two or three hours a day, few days a week. It started to transmit news and dramas. The first live drama aired was A Bite of Cabbage Cake. Later, in 1978 the channel was renamed to China Central Television Station or CCTV. In 1979 the first commercial was transmitted on Shanghai TV. In 1971 it was founded a new broadcast television station, Chinese Television System. In 2006 it became part of the Taiwan Broadcasting System. In 1978 it was only a TV set for 100 people. In 2005, more than 94% had TV sets home.
  1. CCTV 5 is also kown as Sports Channel. It started its online presence on 1 January 1995. The [...]

  2. CCTV9 was launched live on 1 January 2001. The TV channel is part of the CCTV network, owned by [...]

  3. NTD TV is the short name for New Tang Dinasty Television. the headquarters are located in New York. [...]
  4. Zhejiang Satellite TV began its online broadcasting in October 1960. The transmission is [...]

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