Bosnia-Herzegovina TV Online Channels

In Bosnia and Herzegovina television broadcasted live for the first time in 1956. The national broadcaster was the Public Broadcasting Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as PBSBiH. In 1993, it became member of The European Broadcasting Union. Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BHRT, is an independent public broadcaster. It operates a national television channel, BHT1 and a national radio station, BH Radio 1.
  1. BHT1 is owned and operated by the public national broadcaster BHRT (Radiotelevizija Bosne i [...]
  2. Hema TV started its online transmission in 2008. The schedule consists of news, informative [...]

  3. Kanal 3 went on air on 15 April 1995. Generally, 5 hours of programming are dedicated to own [...]
  4. NTV Hayat live transmission started on 24 February 1992. The live broadcasts are available to around [...]
  5. OBN Televizija went on air in 1996. It was founded by the European union and the Office of the High [...]
  6. RTRS is the short name for Radio Televizija Republike Srpske. The live broadcasts are mainly in the [...]
  7. RTV BN began its live broadcast in 1998. RTV BN stands for Radio Televizija Bijeljina. The channel [...]
  8. RTV Cazin stands for Radio Televizija Cazin. It is a local television channel for the city of Cazin [...]
  9. RTV USK went live on 22 December 1995. The channel is owned and operated by JP RTV USK doo. The [...]
  10. RTV Vogosca live broadcast is dedicated to the people of Vogosca, Sarajevo. The schedule consists [...]
  11. TV Slon Extra began its live broadcast on 1 December 2005. It is owned and operated by RTV Slon. It [...]
  12. TV Zenica. started its live television service on 25 November 1995. It reaches and audience of [...]

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