Bangladesh TV Online Channels

Bangladesh Television, BTV, is the national TV network in this country. It was established in 1964. The color television was introduced in 1980. BTV operates the national TV channel. In order to have access to television channels, people must pay a fee for a television license. BTV offers a various range of programming. It mainly consist of educational and entertainment programs. It also offers news and current affairs, movies, dramas, sports, music and documentaries. Bangladesh Television covers approximately 97% of the population. The most part of its programs are their own production, only 8% of the total programming is imported. It also provides useful information about health, human rights, agriculture.
  1. ATN Bangla went live on the 16th of July 1997. The channel is owned and operated by Multimedia [...]
  2. BTV live transmission began in 1972. It changed into color broadcast in 1980. The channel is [...]
  3. Channel i live broadcast started on 1 June 1987. After 2 years it became the first channel in [...]
  4. Desh TV live broadcast started on 26 March 2009. The broadcasts consists of various programs [...]
  5. NTV began its live broadcast on 3 July 2003 as the first satellite channel in Bangladesh. The name [...]
  6. RTV began its live transmission on 26 December 2005 being owned and operated by National Television [...]

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