Bahamas TV Online Channels

In Bahamas, television began to broadcast live in 1977. The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, BCB was founded in 1937. At the begging it operated a radio station, owned and controlled by the state. Until 1950 BCB was financed by the government. Since then it began to collect founds from advertisement. Today, the national public broadcaster is ZNS. It operates two channels, TV1 and TV2. These are the only channels over the air. Television channels are also available via cable services. The major cable provider is Cable Bahamas. The company was offers its services in Bahamas since 1995. Since 2000, it also provides Internet services. The company offers high quality services using one of the most technologically advanced broadband.
  1. ZNS is the public broadcaster of Bahamas. It owns TV1 and TV2. These 2 television stations are the [...]

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