Azerbaijan TV Online Channels

Television began to broadcast in Azerbaijan in 1956. There were few people with TV at home, so if someone owned a TV set, all his neighbors visited him every evening to watch TV. In 1992 almost every family had a TV set home. Unfortunately, there is not enough financial support in the area of television. In this country are broadcasting Russian and Turkish channels. Some of them transmit all day long and others only a few hours per day. The programming is controlled by state through the law. The main channel is owned and controlled by the state. Its programming consists of news, current affairs, and cultural programs.
  1. ANS TV live transmission began on 9 March 1962. The channel is owned and operated by ANS Group of [...]
  2. ATV went live on 25 December 200. the name stands for Azed Azerbaijan TV. It is one of the most [...]
  3. AZTV live broadcast started on 14 February 1956. The channel is also known as Azeri TeleVision, [...]
  4. CanaZ TV stands for Can Azerbaycan Televisyonu. The live broadcasts are dedicated for Turkish people [...]
  5. Ictimai TV is owned and operated by the public Azerbaijan broadcaster ITV (İctimai Televiziya və [...]
  6. Lider Tv began broadcasting live on 1 September 2000. It is a private channel owned by Media Ltd. [...]
  7. Space TV started its live transmission on 12 October 1997. It was the first independent Tv [...]

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