Australia TV Online Channels

Television broadcasting began in Australia in 1956. The programming was focused on news, current affairs, sport, comedy and drama series. Later, in 1975 the color television was introduced in this country. There was a government authority known as the Australian Broadcasting Control Board. Its goal was to manage and to control the commercial television licenses. The first regional television station was established in 1961 in Victoria. Television broadcasting is available through cable services, terrestrial television and satellite television.
  1. 31 Digital live broadcast started on 31 July 1994 as Briz 31. The station was renamed into 31 qctv [...]
  2. 44 Adelaide live broadcast started on 23 April 2004. It was formerly known as C31 Adelaide until it [...]
  3. 4ME TV live broadcast started on 18 September 2011. It is a joint venture between Prime Media Group [...]
  4. 7Perth was founded on 16 October 1959. It was officially opened by Sir Charles Gairdner, the [...]
  5. A-PAC live broadcast began on 20 January 2009 as A-SPAN. A-PAC is the short name for Australian [...]
  6. ABC Kids began its live broadcast on 1 August 2001. It was renamed into ABC for Kids in 2009. Its [...]
  7. ACC is the short name for Australian Christian Channel. The main objective of the programming is to [...]
  8. Arena TV is an entertainment television station from Australia. It is available in 16:9 format since [...]
  9. Australia Network live broadcast started on 1 January 1993 as Australia Television International. [...]
  10. C31 Merlbourne was formerly known as Channel 31 Merlbourne. The television station began its live [...]
  11. Channel 9 is also known as Channel Nine or just Nine. The television station is based in Willoughby [...]
  12. Channel [V] is also known as [V]Music. The Network is owned and operated by STAR TV and Fox [...]
  13. CMC is also known as the Country Music Channel. It is operated by XYZ Networks. CMC broadcast [...]
  14. Expo Channel was founded in 2002. The channel is available on most Australian television platforms. [...]
  15. Fox Sports began its live broadcast under the name Primer Sports on 26 January 2006. Fox Sports is a [...]
  16. Fox Sports 2 live transmission began on 1October 2006. It belongs to the Australian group of Fox [...]
  17. Fuel TV begin its live broadcast in Australia in 2004. It is an US channel owned by Premier Media [...]
  18. GEM live broadcast started on 26 September 2010. It is a free to air high definition channel. The [...]
  19. GO! live broadcast started on 9 August 2009. The channel is owned and operate by Nine Network. the [...]
  20. God Channel is a free to air Christian Television station broadcasting from Jerusalem. It is [...]
  21. GWN7 was launched live on 10 March 1967. The initial name was BTW-3 Bunbury. The name was changed [...]
  22. History live broadcast started in 1996. History was formerly known as Fox History (until November [...]
  23. Imparja TV live broadcast started on 2 January 1998. The station is widely recognized as a symbol of [...]
  24. LifeStyle FOOD is part of The Lifestyle Channel. The live broadcasts cover various food related [...]
  25. Max TV is owned and operated by XYZnetworks Pty Ltd. It is a music television station featuring [...]
  26. Network Ten started its live broadcast in 1965 as Independent Television System - ITS. The name was [...]
  27. NITV is the short name for National Indigenous Television. NITV live broadcast started on 13 July [...]
  28. SBS One online broadcast started on 24 October 1980. It is owned and operated by SBS Television. The [...]
  29. SBS Two online broadcast started on 1 June 2009. It is a multicultural station, The target audience [...]
  30. Sentana Sports Australia is part of the Sentana Sports Network. Its live programming covers a wide [...]
  31. Sky News Australia online broadcast started on 19 February 1996. It was the first news television [...]
  32. The Comedy Channel live broadcast started on 30 June 1996. The channel is fully owned by Foxtel [...]
  33. The Weather Channel is also knwon as TWC. The Weather Channel live broadcast started on 1 January [...]
  34. TVNI live broadcast is dedicated to the inhabitants and tourists of the Norfolk Island. This [...]

  35. TVSN stand for Television Shopping Network. TVSN live broadcast started in 1995. It was aquired in [...]
  36. UKTV live broadcast in Australia started in august 1996. IT is available on Optus since December [...]
  37. Win TV is owned by WIN Corporation. Win TV live broadcast started on 18 March 1962. It replaced TWT [...]

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