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Argentinian Television is one of the major media in the country. There is a various range of television channels based in different cities of Argentina. Canal 7 was the first television channel founded in Argentina. It was a state-owned television channel and it began broadcasting live in 1951. The inauguration of this television channel represented the beginning of the Argentine television broadcasting. In 1960 the second television channel of the country was founded, Canal 12 Córdoba. The color television live broadcasting is available in this country since 1978. The Argentinian television was always different from the rest of the Latin America’s productions by its system. Any program produced in Argentina which takes another Latin American country, except Paraguay and Uruguay, was converted to NTSC.
  1. A24 also known as America 24 was established in 2005. Its schedule is entirely dedicated to [...]

  2. America 2 live transmission started on 25 June 1966. The inittial name was Rivadavia Television. The [...]
  3. Argentinisima Satelital is a tv channel dedicated to Argentinas culture. Since 2009 it also [...]
  4. C y D live transmission started in December 1997. The name stands for Cable&Diary. The channel is [...]
  5. C5N live transmission began on 6 August 2007. Its name stands for Canal 5 Noticias. The channel is [...]
  6. Canal 10 Cordoba live transmission started on 11 May 1962. It was at that time the second channel in [...]
  7. Canal 10 Junin live broadcast started in 1985. Its audience reaches around 600.000 people in the [...]
  8. Canal 10 Mar del Plata live broadcasts started in 1966. Its broadcast covers the Central and [...]
  9. Canal 10 Tucuman live broadcast started on 9 July 1966. The channel was owned and run by the [...]
  10. Canal 12 started broadcasting live on 18 November 1972, Its live transmission is dedicated to the [...]

  11. Canal 13 TD live transmission started in 1964. It is a regional channel from Rio Cuarto, covering [...]
  12. Canal 2 Mar del Plata live broadcast began 25 May 1994. Its transmission covers a wide area of the [...]
  13. Canal 21 started its live test transmission in 2005 and began regular broadcast on 2 July 2007. The [...]
  14. Canal 26 is owned and operated by Grupo Telecentro, a cable network from Buenos Aires. Canal 26 was [...]
  15. Canal 4 is broadcasting live from Esquel, Province of Chubut. The broadcasts consists of news, [...]
  16. Canal 4 Jujuy broadcasts are dedicated to the region of Jujuy. The schedule consists of local and [...]
  17. Canal 5 Tiger was launched live in October 1988. The TV channel is headquartered in General Pacheco [...]
  18. Canal 6 Posadas is a regional television station from Posadas. The station offers various local [...]
  19. Canal 7 SE (Santiago del Estero) live transmission began on 18 May 1962. The channel is owned and [...]
  20. Canal 9 Salta live broadcast reaches about 530k people. The schedule consist mainly of high quality [...]
  21. Canal C started its live transmission in 2005. The channel is owned and operated by Ebeluz SA. More [...]
  22. Canal Luz is a Christian TV station with the commitment to transmit values to positively affect [...]
  23. Canal Provincial is also known as Canal 11 Provincial or Canal Provincial Telered. The channel is [...]
  24. Canal Rural Satelital live broadcast started in 1996. It is the only channel dedicated to [...]
  25. Ciudad Abierta stands for Open City in English. Ciudad Abierta live is available on Cablevision 80, [...]
  26. CN23 live transmission started on 12 April 2010. The channel is also known as Cultura Y Noticias 23 [...]
  27. Conexion Educativs ia owned and run by Red Intercable SA. The broadcasts are exclusively dedicated [...]
  28. DeporTV began its test transmission on 13 April 2012. Its official regular live broadcast started [...]

  29. El Doce live transmission started on 18 April 1960 as Channel 13. It was the first privately owned [...]
  30. El Once TV is also known as Canal 11 Parana. It is a regional television station from Parana, [...]
  31. El Trece live broadcast started on 1 October 1960. The channel is also known as Canal 13. El Trece [...]
  32. ElGourmet TV live programs are dedicated to cooking videos, travel, receipes and cooking tips. The [...]
  33. Encuentro live broadcast started on 5 March 2007. The channel is owned and operated by the [...]
  34. I.SAT was launched live on 5 April 1993. The TV channel is dedicated to the entire Latin America [...]

  35. Madryn TV is a local tv station from Puerto Madryn. It is also known as Canal 12. The main programms [...]
  36. Nueva Imagen Television live transmission started on 1 May 1996. It is available on channel 413 on [...]
  37. Solidaria TV live transmission started in March 2007. The program schedule consists of a wide mix of [...]
  38. Telefe live transmission began in 1997. It is one oif the most watched channels in Argentina. Most [...]
  39. Channel 7 live broadcast started on 17 October 1951 as LR3 Radio Belgrano TV. It is the oldest [...]
  40. TyC Sports live transmission started on September 3 1994. At that time it was the first and only [...]
  41. Zona 31 live broadcast started on March 2006. It is a regional television channel located in San [...]

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