Andorra TV Online Channels

The first television channel in Andorra was launched in 1995. It was called Andorra Televisio, also known as ATV. In 1989, the public broadcaster from the country was established, Organisme de Radio i Television d’Andorra, abbreviated as ORTA. In 2000, ORTA has been replaced by Radio i Television d’Andorra, RTVA. Both of them was founded and controlled by the government. The national television channel in Andorra is ATV. It offers a various range of programming consist of news, sports, music, movies and special programs for children. The channel broadcasts all programs in Catalan language. RTVA also operates a radio station, RNA. This radio station broadcasts live programs, including music and news.
  1. ATV live transmission started in 1995. The channel is owned and operated by RTVA, Radio i Television [...]

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