United Kingdom TV Online Channels

Television began to broadcast live in the United Kingdom in 1936. Commercial television was introduced in 1955. Digital satellite television was launched on 1 October 1998, followed by the digital terrestrial television on 15 November. By this time, the major broadcaster was Freeview. Cable services are offered by different providers but only Virgin Media provider can support high-definition programs. British Broadcasting Corporation, abbreviated as BBC, is the biggest broadcaster from the world and the first public broadcaster from United Kingdom. It was founded on 1927 as a radio broadcaster and later, in 1936 as a television broadcaster. BBC does not apply for any kind of advertisement. The British television produce a various range of series, that may be aired for several months.
  1. 3BTV is an internet only television channel. Its main objective is to promote producers, writers, [...]
  2. 4Music is owned and operated by Channel 4. Its was formerly known as The Hits. It is the only [...]
  3. Alibi TV live broadcast started on 1 November 1997 as UK Arena. It was rebranded as UKTV Drama on 8 [...]
  4. Antiques TV is dedicated to dealers and collectors. It provides videos and very useful information [...]
  5. AVFC is the television channel of the Aston Villa Football Club. The channel broadcasts live matches [...]
  6. Baby TV live broadcast started on 4 December 2003. The channel became part of Fox International [...]
  7. BalconyTV was established in June 2006. The channel promotes the idea of performing music on [...]
  8. Bangla TV live transmission started on 16 September 1999. It was the first Bengali language channel [...]
  9. BBC is the short name for British Broadcasting Corporation. The headquarter is in Westminster, [...]
  10. BBC Alba began its live broadcast on 19 September 2008. Alba is the Gaelic name for Scotland. The [...]
  11. BBC Four live broadcast started on 2 March 2002. It is available between 7pm and 4am. It is owned [...]
  12. BBC One live broadcast started on 2 November 1936 as BBC Television Service. The channel was [...]
  13. BBC Parliament live broadcast started in 1992 as The Parliamentary Channel. It was acquired by BBC [...]
  14. BBC Three live broadcast started on 9 February 2003. The channel is aimed to young people aged 16-34 [...]
  15. BBC TWO was launched live on 20 April 1964. It is owned and operated by the British Broadcasting [...]
  16. BBC World News live broadcast started on 11 March 1991 as BBC World. The name changes into BBC World [...]
  17. BFBS live broadcast started in 1975 in Germany. BFBS is the short name for British Forces [...]
  18. Bio live broadcast started in October 2000 in the UK as The Biography Channel. It was renamed into [...]
  19. BT Vision live broadcast started on 5 December 2006. The channel is owned and operated by British [...]
  20. Cartoon Network live brodcast in the UK and Ireland started on 17 September 1993. It is also [...]

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