Tanzania TV Online Channels

  1. EATV - East Africa Television is part of the IPP Media network, headquartered in Dar es Salaam, [...]

  2. IBN TV started its live broadcast in March 2003. It is operated by the Al Itrah Broadcasting [...]

  3. ITV started its live broadcast in 1994. It became in a very short time the leader of the media [...]

  4. Star TV is a Mwanza based live TV station. It is located in the NW part of the country, near the [...]

  5. TBC 1 is owned and operated by the public national broadcaster Tanzania Broadcast Corporation ( [...]

  6. Ttv (Tumaini Television) started its test broadcast on 21 February 2009 and went officialy live [...]

  7. TVZ went live in 1973. It is owned and operated by the government of Tanzania. TVZ broadcast in [...]

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