Switzerland TV Online Channels

Television started to broadcast regular programming since 1950 but there were made several experiments in this area since 1939. At the begging, the television station broadcasted live programming only one hour a day, five days a week. In 1953 all programs were transmitted in German language. In the next year French language programs were introduced. In 1958 TV stations began to air Italian language programming. Later, in 1963 people had access to Romansh language programs. A year later, television advertising was introduced. Color television is available in this country since 1968. In 1993 it was launched a new TV station, SRG SSR and it was available until 1997. Today, most people enjoys television channel through cable services. The main providers are Cablecom and Naxoo. People must a pay a fee to obtain a television license. The public television broadcaster is SRG SSR idee suisse. The name was introduced in 1991 when it became a private company.
  1. Alpen Welle TV began its live 24 hours broadcast on 24.01.2010. The broadcast consists of [...]
  2. Art TV was founded in 2004. It is a owned and operated by a non profit organization. The objective [...]
  3. Beyond Einstein TV is and internet only television station. The webcast is available on the official [...]
  4. Canal 9 was founded in 1983 by the Junior Chamber of Economic Sierre, as a local television station [...]
  5. CH Music is an internet only music television station. The live broadcast consists of music videos [...]
  6. H1TV is owned and operated by HF-Kommunikations- und Kabelfernsehnetz AG. H1TV live broadcast [...]
  7. Label TV was founded to support and promote media productions of the new generation. Its live [...]
  8. Leman Bleu was fouded on 26 January 1995 and the live broadcast started on 21 October 1996. The [...]
  9. Rocklabel TV main objective is to ptomote various artists, musicians and producers on the internet. [...]
  10. Rouge TV live broadcast started on 18 November 2008. The channel is owned by Unicast. It is an [...]
  11. RSI is the short name for Radiotelevisione Svizzera Di Lingua Italiana. It is part od SRG SSR. The [...]
  12. RSI La 1 is also known as La Una or just La 1. The channel was formerly known as TSI 1. It is owned [...]
  13. RTR live broadcast started on 17 February 1963. RTR is the short name for Radio-Television Swiss [...]
  14. RTS2 live broadcast started in 1997. The channel is a successor of S Plus. The channel broadcasts in [...]
  15. Schweiz 5 is a private television station. It began its live broadcast as U1 TV on 1 March 2004. It [...]
  16. SF 1 live broadcast started in 1953. It is the oldest German language television station in [...]
  17. SF Info was formerly known as SF i. The channel is owned and operated by SRF (schweizer Radio und [...]
  18. SF Zwei live broadcast started on 1 September 1997, as a German language successor for Schweiz 4. It [...]
  19. Star TV started its live broadcast on 31 August 1995 as the first private national television [...]
  20. Swissrock TV is an internet only tv channel. The live broadcasts are dedicated to promoting rock [...]
  21. Tele 1 was formerly known as TeleTell until 1 February 2010. It was founded on 31 March 1992 as a [...]
  22. Telebasel live broadcast started in 1993 under the name StadtKanal Basel. The name was changed into [...]
  23. TeleTicino live broadcast started on 19 September 1994 under the name TeleCampione. The television [...]
  24. TeleZüri live broadcast started in 1994. The channel is owned and operated by Tamedia AG. [...]

  25. TSO is the short name for Tele Suedostschweiz. The channel is owned by the Suedostschweizer [...]
  26. TVM3 live broadcast started on 1 May 2004. The channel is owned by Lolita and Fabien Aubry. The [...]
  27. ZueriPlus live broadcast is aimed at the surroundings or Zurich. The schedule consists of [...]

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