Spain TV Online Channels

Television broadcasted for the first time in Spain in 1956. By the same year, the analogue terrestrial television was introduced. It seems that in 1960 only one of 50000 families had TV sets at home. Until 1996 there was only a television channel that was transmitting regularly, La 1. In 1996 it was launched the second channel, La 2. Color broadcast was established in 1974. The first private television station was launched in 1990. In 1990 there were established three new channels, Antena 3, Telecino, Canal+. In Spain TV channels are classified in national channels, insular, automatic and local channels. The national channel broadcast for the whole country. The regional channels emit their programming in a certain region, only a little part of the country. The insular channels are regional television station that broadcast in an insular area.
  1. 40 TV went live in 1998 as the TV service of the Top 40 radio station. The channel is owned and [...]
  2. 7RM is an independent television station for the region of Murcia, Spain. It began its live [...]
  3. Antena 3 started its live broadcast on 25 January 1990. It is owned and managed by the Antena 3 [...]
  4. Aragon TV started its official live broadcast on 21 April 2006 after 2 months of test transmissions [...]
  5. Barcelona TV went on air on 3 November 1994. The station is owned by the City Council of Barcelona [...]
  6. Calle 13 was launched live in 1999. The channel is owned and run by Universal Studios Networks Spain [...]
  7. Canal CatalĂ  TV was launched live on 11 September 2005, the National Day of Catalonia. It was [...]
  8. Canal Sur 1 was launched live on 28 February 1989. It is the first channel of public broadcaster [...]
  9. Castilla-La Mancha TV was established on 13 December 2001. It is owned and operated by the public [...]
  10. Cuatro TV started its live transmission on 7 November 2005. It is owned and operated by the largest [...]
  11. El Dia TV went on air on 14 January 2008. It is a successor of Azul Television, established in 1995 [...]
  12. IB3 started its live test transmission on 1 March 2005. The channel started its official broadcast [...]
  13. La Sexta is a private television channel in Spain. The name means the sixth, as it is the sixth [...]
  14. Marca TV started its live broadcast on 28 August 2010. The TV channel is owned by a joint venture of [...]
  15. TCM is the short name for turner Classic Movies. As the name says it, the live programming consists [...]
  16. TV Canaria is an independent television channel from Canary Islands. TV Canaria began its live [...]

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