Slovakia TV Online Channels

  1. CETV is the largest regional broadcaster of Slovakia by coverage area and the variety of programs. [...]
  2. Markiza went live on 31 August 1996. The station was founded by Pavol Rusko. Markiza was sold in [...]
  3. MTT - Mestska Televizia Trnava live broadcast began in 1997. The schedule is entirely dedicated to [...]
  4. Music BOX live broadcasts are dedicated to the young generation aged 12 to 29 years. The channel is [...]
  5. TA3 live transmission began on 23 September 2001. It was founded as the first private news [...]
  6. TV Bratislava started its live transmission on 15 February 2007. It is owned by Viva Studio sro., a [...]
  7. TV JOJ started its live broadcast on 2 March 2002. It is the successor of TV Global which began its [...]
  8. TV JOJ PLUS went live on 5 October 2008. Its broadcasts are dedicated to the young generation. The [...]
  9. TV Lux started its live signal on 4 May 2008. The broadcasts are focusing on deep spiritual values [...]
  10. TV Patriot live broadcast covers information and news on social, economic, cultural and sport events [...]
  11. Zemplin TV started its live signal in May 2005. It became shortly a very popular television station [...]

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