Singapore TV Online Channels

In Singapore television live broadcast was introduced in 1980 as Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, established the first TV station. In this country television is controlled by the government. Later, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation changed its name and it became Television Corporation of Singapore, abbreviated as TCS. It established three new channels, Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel 12. Color television was introduced in 1974. The first color programs were The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Black Beauty. In 2002 SPH Media Works launched two new channels, Chanel U and Channel I. The first one offered Mandarin language programming and the second one broadcasted English language programs. Most people have access to TV channel through cable services. The only cable services provider in the country is StarHube. People who live near the border of Malaysia and Indonesia have access to their television channels.
  1. Channel 5 is the short name for MeridCorp Channel5. It broadcasts live 24 hours a day in English [...]

  2. ESPN Star Sports is also known as ESS. The channel is a joint venture between News Corporation and [...]
  3. Goal TV programming is dedicated to soccer. It offers coverage of top European Football. The live [...]

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