Romania TV Online Channels

In Romania television was introduced in a difficult period, between the two World Wars. A physicist called George Cristescu proposed a new method of exploring television. First experiments in this area started in 1928. In 1953, Dan Spataru created the first Romanian transmitter. Since 1964, television began new experiments considering the color broadcast. In 1956 a state-owned TV station was established, Televiziunea Romana, also known as TVR. The first private television station was launched in 1991, SOTI. In 1993 it was established a news private channel, Antena1, followed by Tel ABC in the next year. Today, the biggest part of the Romanian population use cable services. The most important cable services providers are RCS&RDS and UPC Astral. Through the big number of national and international TV channels available in the country, Romanian people enjoys news, current affairs, movies, documentaries, sports, educational programs and more.
  1. 1 TV Bacau is a local television station from Bacau, Romania. The television station has the [...]
  2. 1 Music Channel was launched live on 28 May 2008. The programming grid covers the best in Music. The [...]
  3. Acasa TV was launched on air on 2 February 1998. It is owned and operated by Media Pro, which also [...]
  4. Alfa Omega TV started its live broadcast in June 2006. The channel was founded as a nonprofit [...]
  5. Antena 1 began its live transmission on 29 November 1993 as a regional station in the capital of the [...]
  6. Antena 2 began its live broadcast on 9 April 2007. It is part of the Intact Media Group. The station [...]
  7. Antena 3 started broadcasting live in May 2005. It is owned and operated by the Intact Media Group. [...]
  8. Arges TV is a local channel dedicated to the inhabitants of Pitesti and the Arges county. The [...]
  9. B1 started broadcasting live on 14 December 2001 as a local general TV channel. It was relaunched as [...]
  10. Balkanika TV is music a television channel. Its live broadcast consists of music videos from the [...]
  11. DD TV was launched live on 23 august 2009. It is owned by Dan Diaconescu, who also ownes OTV. The [...]
  12. Etno TV mainly live broadcasts consists of traditional folk music. The programming also contains [...]
  13. Favorit TV is operated by Centrul National Media. The television network headquarters are based in [...]
  14. GSP TV was launched on air on 26 July 2008 as the TV arm of the Gazeta Sporturilor magazine. the [...]

  15. Hora TV is a regional television station promoting traditional Romanian folklore. The television [...]
  16. Iasi TV is a local television station from Iasi, romania. Its live broadcasting consists of mainly [...]
  17. Info TV is a local television station from Arad. It was founded in 1994 as the first private local [...]
  18. Kanal D is the short form of Kanal Dogan. It was launched on the 18 February 2007 and belongs to the [...]
  19. Milos TV live programming is entirely dedicated to traditional Romanian folk music. The television [...]
  20. MTV Romania was launched on 15 June 2002. MTV Romania took the license previously used by MCM [...]

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