Portugal TV Online Channels

In Portugal, television started to broadcast in 1956, when the first experiments in this area were made. It was introduced by Radiotelevisao Portuguesa, later renamed Radio e Televisao de Portugal. The first TV channel established was RTP1. In 1968 a new channel was established, RTP2. The first private television stations were introduced in 1990. The first two private TV channels were SIC and TVI. Color broadcast television was available since 1980. Digital satellite services were introduced in 1998. Digital television was introduced later than in the other countries from Europe, in 2007. When HD television was introduced, TVI launched TVI HD, Sport TV launched a new HD channel, Sport TV 1.
  1. CDS is also known as Canal Parlamento. It is the television station of the legislative. It [...]
  2. Odisea was launched live in 1996. The channel is owned and operated by Chellomedia, a Madrid-Spain [...]
  3. RTP Memoria was launched live in 2004. The channel is owned and operated by the national public [...]
  4. RTP1 was launched live on 7 March 1957. It was the first5 channel of the national public broadcaster [...]
  5. SIC Radical was launched live on 23 April 2001. the channel is owned and operated by the Portuguese [...]
  6. Sport TV broadcasted live for the first time in 1998. Its programming consists of a wide coverage of [...]
  7. TVI was launched on air on 20 February 1993. It was the fourth national channel available [...]

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