Poland TV Online Channels

In Poland, television began to broadcast live in 1937. The transmission was stopped in 1939 when the Second World War began. In 1951 the broadcast television was reintroduced in the country but it was strictly controlled by the communist state. There were no private TV channels until the communism began to fall. In 1971 color television was introduced. Telewizja Polska, abbreviated TVP, is the main public broadcaster from the country. Its main channels are TVP1, TVP2 and TVP Info. Private television is usually free to watch, they get money to finance their activities from advertisement. Television stations are available via cable, satellite, terrestrial services and IPTV. Some channels are available in mobile telephony network. The major telephone provider is Telekomunikacja Polska.
  1. Ale Kino is operated by Canal+. It began broadcasting live on 16 April 1999. Ale Kino main l ive [...]
  2. Canal+ Poland is similar in many ways to the French television station Canal+. It has 7 sister [...]
  3. CTV Jaworzno was launched in 2000. It is a local television channel dedicated to persons and [...]
  4. Eska TV was launched on 8 August 2008. It is a polish music television station. Until 28 May 2009 [...]
  5. ITV began broadcasting live in 2003. The headquarters are located in Warsaw. ITV is part of Media [...]
  6. Orange Sport is a paid sports channel owned by Polish Telecom. Its programs are dedicated to sport [...]
  7. Polsat was founded on 5 December 1992 and is the second largest television channel in Poland. The [...]
  8. Polsat News was launched on the 7 June 2008. It is owned an drun by Polsat Group. Polsat News was [...]
  9. Polsat Play is available live since 6 October 2008 although test broadcast was started on 1 May 2007 [...]
  10. Polsat Sport is the most popular Polish sports television station. It is owned by Polsat and [...]

  11. Polsat Sport Extra is owned by Polsat. Polsat Sport Extra is available via satellite signal and on [...]
  12. Polvision TV is owned and operated by Polnet communications. The headquarters are located in Chicago [...]
  13. Tele 5 is operated by Polcast Television. The television station began broadcasting live on 19 April [...]
  14. Telewizja Puls alsoa known as TV Puls is polish commercial television channel. It started its live [...]
  15. ITVN is also known as TVN International. Its audience are Poles living abroad. ITVN is owned by ITI [...]
  16. TVN 24 was launched on 9 August 2001. It was the first 24 hour news television station in Poland. It [...]
  17. TVN 7 live broadcast started on 1 March 2002. The TV channel was formerly known as RTL 7 since [...]
  18. TVN Meteo went on air in May 2003. The TV channel is owned and operated by the ITI Group, owner of [...]
  19. TVN Turbo was lauchec in December 2003. Its main live broadcast consists of automotive programming. [...]
  20. TVP 2 started its live transmission on 2 October 1970. The channel is being owned and operated by [...]
  21. TVP Info replaced TVP3 on 6 October 2003. It is owned and operated by the Polish public broadcaster [...]
  22. TVP Kultura belongs to the public Polish broadcaster TVP. The television station was launched on 24 [...]
  23. TVP Polonia is also known as Telewizja Polonia. It is owned and operated by the TVP - Telewizja [...]
  24. TVP Seriale began its live broadcast on 6 December 2010. The live broadcast consists of polish and [...]
  25. TVP Sport is owned by TVP. It began its live broadcast on 18 November 2006. Its broadcast its [...]

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