Peru TV Online Channels

Television in Peru dates back to 21 September 1939 when the first test broadcast took place. Although, the first national public channel, State Channel 7, started the test transmission on 17 January 1959. Shortly after, the official launch, several private commercial stations were founded such as Channel 13 owned by Panamerica Television SA, Channel 2 hold by Radiodifusora Victoria SA or Channel 11 owned by Bega Television SA. Television became very popular and in less than 5 years, in 1960, there were more than 55 thousand TV sets in Lima only. Due to the constantly increasing demand, in 2003 there were more than 5 million TV sets, around 200 for one thousand people.
  1. America TV went on air on 15 December 1958 as the second oldest channel in the country. The station [...]
  2. Bethel TV went on air in 1998, founded by the World Missionary Movement Christian foundation. Before [...]
  3. Panamericana Television went on air no 16 October 1959 founded by Genaro Delgado Brandt. The station [...]
  4. RPP Noticias went on air on 31 January 2011 founded by Hugo Delgado Nachtigal. the channel is owned [...]
  5. TV Peru started its live transmission on 17 January 1958 from Santa Beatriz, Lima. As the national [...]

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