Kuwait TV Online Channels

The first television channel to broadcast in Kuwait was founded by the government owned public broadcaster Kuwait Television in 1961. It began broadcasting on 15 November 1961 from the East District of the Kuwait City, although test transmissions started on 15 November 1960. It was initially transmitting in black and white for a time span of four hours a day. As the technology developed more and more television stations were founded in the country to meet the continuously growing demand of information and entertainment.
  1. Al Resalah was made available live on 1 March 2006. The station was founded by Prince Al-Waleed Bin [...]
  2. Alrai TV began its live broadcast on 15 October 2004, as the first privately owned channel in the [...]
  3. Alwatan Tv is owned and operated by the Arabic language daily Al Watan. The newspaper is owned by [...]
  4. Funoon TV was founded by Abdulhussain Abdulredha actor, starting its live transmission in 2006. It [...]
  5. KTV 1 is owned and operated by the kuwaiti Ministry of Information. Its name stands for Kuwait [...]
  6. KTV 2 was launched live as the second service of the kuwaiti public broadcaster. The TV channel is [...]
  7. KTV Sport is part of the KTV network, owned and operated by the Ministry of Information. The live [...]

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