Jamaica TV Online Channels

Television broadcast was introduced in this country in 1963 as the JBC Television was established. JBC, also known as Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, was the public broadcaster in the country. Its purpose was to transmit Jamaican programming. In order to increase the budget, several foreign programs were imported, mainly from US and UK. In 1972, in order to improve the development of the nation, the government decided to allocate more funds to this corporation budget. As a result, the Jamaican programming was increased and it mainly consisted of news and documentaries. On this occasion the first soap opera was transmitted. It was known as Lime Tree Lane. The corporation was dissolved in 1977. The TV channel was replaced by Television Jamaica channel. By the same year PBC Jamaica was created by an Act of Parliament. The corporation has the mission to provide quality broadcasting services. One of the corporate priorities is to offer a wide range of Jamaican and Caribbean programming.
  1. CVM TV live broadcast started in March 1993, although the broadcast licence was issued in 1990. [...]

  2. Hype TV went live in 1999 as the first music entertainment channel in Jamaica. The broadcasts are [...]
  3. SportsMax is a Caribbean sports television station. IT is available via cable television networks in [...]

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