Iran TV Online Channels

Television was introduced in Iran in 1966 as the first radio and television broadcaster was established. It was known as the National Iranian Radio and Television or simply NIRT. The first television station was launched in 1966 and it was known as Channel 1. Several tests were made until 1967 when it began to transmit a complete program. NRTI started to air birthday celebrations of the Shah, the ruler of the country. In 1971, it became a public broadcaster that held the monopoly. During its development, the National Iranian Radio and Television was financed by state with large amounts of money. It is obviously that this organization had an important role in the state development strategy. With a large budget, NIRT had the opportunity to use the latest technologies.
  1. Al Kawthar TV went on air in January 2006, although its roots lie back in 1980. The initial [...]
  2. AlAlam TV went on air on 23 February 2003. The channel is owned and operated by the government [...]
  3. Farsi 1 broadcasts live since 1 August 2009. Its broadcasts are targeting Farsi language speaking [...]
  4. Iran Music TV live broadcasts are entirely dedicated to Persian Music. The schedule consists of [...]
  5. Channel 1 went live in 1966 as the first television service of the national public broadcaster of [...]

  6. IRIB Channel 2 is the second channel of the Iranian public national broadcaster. Due to the large [...]

  7. IRIB Channel 3 was made available live on 5 December 1993. The station is owned and run by the [...]
  8. IRIB Channel 4 was launched live shortly after its sister Channel 3. The broadcast is exclusively [...]

  9. Irinn TV is a live news TV channel. The name stands for Islamic Republic of Iran News Network. It is [...]
  10. Jaam E Jam 1 was launched live on 16 December 1997. Its transmission is especially dedicated to [...]
  11. Jaam E Jam 2 wnet live on 8 February 2000, founded by the national public Iranian broadcaster IRIB. [...]
  12. Jaam E Jam 3 started its live transmission on 30 May 2002. The broadcast is dedicated to Iranian [...]
  13. Press TV went on air on 3 July 2007. It is hold and operated by the government owned national [...]
  14. Quran TV started its live transmission in 2004. the channel is widely known as QTV and it is owned [...]
  15. Simay-Azadi television was founded with the objective to spread the true voice of Iranians to the [...]

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