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Television started to broadcast in India in 1956. It began to transmit live in Delhi. In 1962 in India there were approximately 40 TV sets and only one television channel. Since that, there was a continuously development and growth. In 1972 television began to emit in Bombay and Amristar. The color broadcast television was introduced in 1982. The first most important produced series were Ramayan and Mahabharata. In 1985, Indian population had more than 70 million TV sets at home and enjoyed more than one hundred channels. It seems that today people have more than 140 million TV sets at home. The TV channels are available via cable services, terrestrial and satellite, IPTV. The channels offer a diversified range of programs, mainly in English and Hindi languages.
  1. 9XM opened its live signal in 2007. The broadcast consists mainly of Bollywood music videos along [...]
  2. AaJ Tak began its live streaming on 31 December 1999. It is owned and operated by India Today Group [...]
  3. Aastha TV was launched live in 2000. The channel is owned and operated by Aastha Broadcasting [...]
  4. ABP Ananda went on air on 1 June 2012. The name stands for Anandabazar Patrik Ananda and it is [...]

  5. ABP News started broadcasting live on 15 March 2003 as STAR News. The TV channel is being owned [...]

  6. Amrita TV broadcasts for the first time in 2005. The channel became very popular shortly after its [...]
  7. Angel TV is an international Christian television channel, available worldwide via satellite, TV, [...]
  8. B4U Movies is available live since 1999. The channel is owned and operated by the B$U Group. The [...]
  9. Bindass went on ait on 24 September 2007. It is owned and operated by UTV and is widely known as UTV [...]
  10. Blessing TV was founded by Sis.Sophia Allen Paul and Bro.J.Allen Paul. The main purpose of the TV [...]

  11. Bloomberg UTV was formerly known as UTVi as began its live broadcast in 2008. The schedule consists [...]
  12. Chardikla Time TV is owned and operated by the Charhdikala Group of Newspapers. The broadcasts are [...]
  13. CNBC Awaaz live broadcast is entirely dedicated to financial and business news mostly covering the [...]
  14. CNBC TV18 started its live signal on 7 December 1999 as the first business and financial channel in [...]
  15. CNEB began its live transmission in May 2008. The name stands for Complete News & Entertainment [...]
  16. CNN-IBN went on air on 16 December 2005. It was founded by a joint venture of Turner International [...]
  17. Colors started broadcasting live on 21 July 2008. It is owned and operated by Viacom 18. The channel [...]
  18. DD India went live on 14 March 1995, owned and operated by Doordarshan Network. It is a general [...]
  19. DD News started its live broadcast on 3 November 2003, replacing DD Metro. The channel is owned and [...]
  20. DD Sport went live in 8 March 1999, owned and run by Dorrdarshan. Owned by the government, the [...]
  21. DY 365 is airing live since 30 October 2008, being owned and operated by Brahmaputra Tele [...]
  22. Et Now went on air in 2009. the channel is owned and run by Times Group. The broadcast covers news, [...]
  23. ETV2 went live on 23 December 2003, owned and operated by Network 18, founded in 1995 by Ramoji Rao [...]
  24. Filmy went live on 12 February 2006. The channel is part of the Sahara One Media and Entertainment [...]
  25. Fox Movies Premium went on air on 1 January 2012, replacing STAR Movies which was broadcasting since [...]
  26. Headlines Today went live on 1 January 2003. The broadcast are covering news, business, financial [...]
  27. Hungama TV went live for the first time in 2004, owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. It [...]
  28. India News launched its live broadcast on 11 February 2008. The channel mainly covers national and [...]
  29. Janasri News went live on 18 February 2011. The TV channel is being owned and operated by Yash [...]

  30. Jaya TV studios are based in Chennai, India. The television station is one of the major Tamil [...]
  31. Jeevan TV started broadcasting live on 14 July 2002. It is a Malaylam channel supported by Syro- [...]
  32. Kalaignar TV went on air on 15 September 2007. The channel is owned and run by Kalaignar TV ltd. The [...]
  33. Live India is one of the most popular Hindi news and current affairs channels in the country. It is [...]
  34. Maa TV was launched live in 2002, founded by Penmetsa Murali Krishnam Raju. all the broadcasts are [...]
  35. MiracleNet went live in 1999. It was founded by J. Michael Hughes and Sarah Hughes. The channel is [...]
  36. MM TV started its live signal on 17 August 2006. The name is the short version for Manorama News TV [...]
  37. Movies Now started its live broadcast on 19 December 2010, entirely dedicated to the best Hollywood [...]
  38. Music India live signal is available since 2006. It became shortly a very popular Hindi music [...]
  39. Namma TV live broadcasts are dedicated to the people living in the Coastal Karnataka. All the [...]
  40. NDTV 24x7 went live in 2003, together with its brother, the Hindi language news channel, NDTV India [...]
  41. The NDTV Good Times TV channel was launched live on 7 September 2007. The live broadcast is mostly [...]
  42. NDTV India was launched live in 2003. It name stands for New Delhi Television, being owned 50% by [...]
  43. NDTV Profit was made available live in January 2005. It is owned and operated by New Delhi [...]
  44. NEO Cricket went on air on 2 April 2008 as part of NEO Sports Broadcast Pvt Ltd. The channel became [...]
  45. NEO Sports went live on 1 October 2006. The channel is owned and operated by NEO Sports Broadcast [...]
  46. NETV live transmission started in 2003. The broadcasts are dedicated to all the 8 states in the [...]
  47. NewsX began its live signal on 28 March 2008. It is owned and run by the INX Network. The broadcasts [...]
  48. NTV went live for the first time on 30 August 2007. The channel was founded by Rachana Television [...]
  49. Rainbow TV is owned and operated by the Jesus Calls ministry, founded by DGS Dhinakaran and Paul [...]
  50. Raj TV is an Indian entertainment television station, starting its live broadcast in 1994. The [...]
  51. RSTV (Rajya Sabha Television) is the TV channel of the Upper House of the Parliament of India. [...]

  52. SAB TV started broadcasting live on 23 April 2000. the channel was founded by a division of Sony [...]
  53. Sadhna TV went live on 18 April 2003. The TV channel is being owned and operated by Sadhna Group. [...]
  54. Sahara One launched its live broadcast on 28 March 2000. It was renamed as Sahara Manoranjan between [...]
  55. Sangeet Bangla went on air on 8 September 2004. The broadcast is entirely dedicated to Bengali music [...]
  56. Sanskar TV live broadcast is exclusively dedicated to religious and spiritual Hindi programs. [...]
  57. SET India, also known as Sony Entertainment Television India went live in October 1995. The channel [...]
  58. STAR Cricket was launched live on 25 April 2007 as part of the ESPN-STAR network. Its transmission [...]
  59. Star Gold launched its live broadcast in 2000. It is owned by News Corporation and is part of the [...]
  60. Star Majha is available live since June 2007. Like other SATR channels, it is owned by a joint [...]

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