Germany TV Online Channels

Television broadcasted live in Germany for the first time in 1935. It started in Berlin and at the beginning it aired 90 minutes three times a week. In 1967 was introduced the color television. By this time the channels were focused on educational and cultural programs. The first television channels founded in Germany were Arbeitsgemeinschaft der offentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands, abbreviated as ARD and Deutscher Fernsehfunk, abbreviated as DDF. In 1984, the first private television stations were established, RTL Plus and SAT 1. Today, German television is one of the most biggest market in the world. Live broadcast is available via cable services, satellite and terrestrial television.
  1. 1-2-3 TV live broadcast started on 1 October 2004. It is owned and operated by GmbH where [...]
  2. 3 Sat is a public television station from Germany airing since 1 September 1984. The channel is [...]
  3. 4 Seasons TV live broadcast is entirely dedicated to Outdoor and Adventure. The channel is owned and [...]
  4. Altötting TV is owned and operated by Margha GmbH. The main live stream consists of local news, [...]
  5. Altona TV live broadcast started in 2006. The station is owned and operated by Incorporate Image [...]
  6. Anixe HD went live as a free to air channel on 17 Mai 2006. The name is the greek word for "open". [...]
  7. Arte live broadcast started in 1992. Arte is the short name for Association Relative a la Television [...]
  8. Audi TV is owned by the German car company Audi AG. The live broadcasts includes various programs [...]
  9. Augsburg TV is also known by its short name a tv. It started broadcasting live as TV Augsburg until [...]
  10. Berg TV is a local channel for the city of Bergisch Gladbach from the Cologne-Bonn region in North [...]
  11. Bibel TV is a German language channel starting its live transmission on 1 October 2002 as the first [...]
  12. Bon Gusto live broadcast is fully dedicated to cooking videos and recipes. It is widely available on [...]
  13. BR-alpha went live on 7 January 1998, founded by Werner Reuß. The channel is owned and managed by [...]
  14. BW was founded on the 15th of February 2006 by the Stuttgart headquartered company bw [...]
  15. Comedy Central started its live German language version on 15 January 2007. It is owned and operated [...]
  16. DAF (Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen) went live on 4 August 2006 only as live stream on the internet, [...]
  17. Das Erste was the first public channel in Germany, launched on 1 November 1954 as Das Erstes [...]
  18. Das Vierte (The Fourth) went live on 29 September 2005, founded by NBC Universal. It was acquired by [...]
  19. Deluxe Music went on air on 1 April 2005. the owning company, Deluxe Television GmbH was founded in [...]
  20. Der Schmuckkanal went on air on 16 November 2006, founded by New Lifestyle Holding GmbH. The [...]

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