Cuba TV Online Channels

Television broadcast was introduced in Cuba in 1950. Since 1940 the two largest radio stations from the country took the decision to start live broadcast television. They began to transmit news, soap operas, comedies and sport events. Cuba was the second country in the world that introduced color television. Havana Channel 12 was the first channel that transmitted color TV programming. When the Cuban Revolution started in 1959 the color television was interrupted and it was reintroduced again in 1975. Today there are two television stations that broadcast nationally. These are administrated and controlled by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television. The channels offer a various range of programming consist of new, movies, documentaries, music, soap operas, comedies, cartoons and much more.
  1. Canal Habana began its live broadcast on 7 May 1990 as CHTV. The channel was renamed on 28 January [...]
  2. Cubavision International went live in 1986. The channel is owned and operated by the government [...]

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