Colombia TV Online Channels

In Colombia television is one of the major media. TV broadcast was introduced in 1954. The public broadcaster Iravision was established in 1963. The color television was officially introduced in 1979. In 1970, there were three national channels, Cadena Uno, Cadena Dos, Cadena Tres. In 1980s an unofficial regional television channel was established in Valledupar. In 1985 the first regional channel was launched, Telantioquia. In In 1990 three new stations were launched, Teveandina, Telecafe and Teleislas. In 1995 Cadena Tres is renamed as Senal Colombia. Since 1998 privately owned networks are allowed by the government. By the same years, Cadena Uno changed its name to Canal Uno. In 2003, high-definition television was introduced in Colombia. Today, more than 95% of the population has at least one TV at home. People enjoy watching national, local and regional TV stations.
  1. ABN live transmission started on 21 June 2001. The channel is owned and operated by the Christian [...]
  2. Canal 13 live broadcast began in 1998 as Teveandina. Teveandina was owned and run by the government [...]
  3. Canal 23 went live after its license was granted by the National Television Commission on 23 July [...]
  4. Canal Capital live transmission began on 3 November 1997. The broadcasts are dedicated to the Bogota [...]
  5. Canal Institucional went on air on 2 February 2004. The channel is fully owned and operated by the [...]
  6. Canal TRO live transmission began in 1997. The name stands for Television Regional del Oriente. The [...]
  7. Canal UNE is owned and operated by EPM Telecomunicaciones. EPM has a large networks covering cities [...]
  8. Canal Uno live broadcast started on 13 June 1954 in Bogota, on channel 8 and in Manizales and [...]
  9. Caracol TV began broadcasting live in 1954. It is a private television station from Colombia. As a [...]
  10. Citytv Bogota started its live broadcast on 19 March 1999, on channel 21 UHF. The channel is owned [...]
  11. CMB Television began its live broadcast in 2004, a few months after its broadcast license was [...]
  12. NTN 24 live transmission began on 3 November 2008. The name stands for Nuestra Tele Noticias 24 [...]
  13. RCN TV live broadcast started on 10 July 1998 although the company was founded as a TV production [...]
  14. Senal Colombia live broadcast began on 9 February 1970 as Canal 11. The channel was also known as [...]
  15. Tele Medellin test broadcast began on 7 December 1997. It was the first local television station in [...]
  16. Teleantioquia live broadcast started on 11 August 1985 as the first regional station in Colombia, [...]
  17. Telecaribe went officially live on 28 April 1986 and was founded by Jose Jorge Dangond. The initial [...]
  18. Telepacifico went live on 3 July 1988. The channel is owned and operated by the government. It is [...]
  19. Televida started its live broadcast on 26 October 2000. The TV channel is being owned and [...]

  20. TV Colombia went on air in 2000 as the international service of RCN Television. The channel is [...]

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