Last updated on October 30, 2012

BNT 2 started broadcasting live in 1974. It is owned and operated by bulgarian National Television. The channel mostly broadcasted programs of the former 4 regional TV centres. The transmission was discontinued between 31 May 2000 and 16 October 2011. In this time, the channel was replaced by the private channel Efir 2. When it came back on air, on 16 October 2011, the channel replaced BNT Pirin, BNT MNore, BNT Sever and BNT Plovdiv by combining their schedule into one. The schedule mostly consists of documentaries, newscasts and sports. BNT 2 live stream is available on the official homepage.For more details on the TV channel, to watch the live stream of BNT 2 online or specific information such as programs, shows or vod please check the official website. The TV online programming includes shows and programmes like We and the City, Faith and Society, Caste Zritelite, Library, european Diary. BNT 2 online stream is aired live from Sofia.

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